Downtime Saturday- For the First Time

I went out with my friends days ago.

We had coffee (as usual)… ate out...

All of a sudden, "Let's watch a movie. It's my treat" said Inday. (Not her real name of course)

"Let's," I simply replied.

Okay, so there were four films shown in four cinemas.

We could have chosen Death Race, Altered, Harold & Kumar (Escape from Guantanamo Bay).

But of all films, they've chosen this…

Yep…For the First Time.

For the first time I've seen Noypi film in a theater. It's not that I loathe watching "our own," but let's just be honest, only few have the best quality, in general.

Anyway, with popcorn on my left hand and bottled water on my right hand, I obligedly sat down to somehow make a rationale of why they've chosen this film.

The movie was… yeah, yeah… average.

The location… it was shot in Greece, so what can I say?

But the overall acting of those two leading stars?

I would give Richard Gutierrez a passing grade (besides being really gorgeous, I just realized).

But KC Concepcion?

Nah… I know she's pretty but…c'mon her acting? It was dull, monotonous, and humdrum throughout the movie. I was not impressed at all.

But I can forgive her for that because this is her first movie. There's still a sizeable room for improvement.

The movie lasted for, I think, about 2 hours (I must have slept).

And it left me asking myself, "If KC Concepcion were not the daughter of the Megastar and Gabby Concepcion, will she still be as famous as she is now?"

Just a thought to ponder on our way home.


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    About your post:

    I can just say that she might have a hard time because of competition. But since she's the 'MEGADAUGHTER' then everything seems easy for her to do and have, especially in 'showbiz' industry.

    By the way, I tagged you with a meme. Click to check it out!


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