Making of Empty Bottles a Year Needs 273 Billion Liters of Water

World Water Day
Today is World Water Day with this year's theme "Shared Water- Shared Opportunities."

While reading the March 2009 issue of Reader's Digest, I've learned that it takes 273 billion liters of water per year just to make empty bottles.

It is pertinent to know not only the harmful effects to our body by using bottled water but also the effect it will bring to our mother earth.

Tap Water
Tap water is considered by many environmentalists as more eco-friendly than bottled water. Further, drinking tap water can minimize the negative impact to the environment brought forth by plastic bottles.

Fossil Fuels
Although we make an effort to curtail the use of fossil fuels, bottled water, on the other hand, increases its usage. And do you know that in order to make a PET, virgin petroleum is being used? In other words, the more bottled water we use, the more virgin petroleum is needed to make a bottle.

Even packing and distributing the bottles will require burning of fossil fuels. In addition to that, shipping bottles can result in carbon pollution into the water and into the air.

Treating and Filtering
Since bottling of bottled water undergoes treating and filtering of tap water, this method can produce more waste.

If we don't recycle, these plastic bottles are thrown to the incinerator or to the landfills, where it could stay there for many years.

Spread the news, let's recycle.


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