How To Know If Product Review Is Unbiased?

Unbiased Product Reviews

Nowadays, it's hard to trust product reviews written and published on the Internet. Some of them are compensation-based; others are unbiased reviews.

Yesterday, I was searching for unbiased reviews about a certain product. Unfortunately, 8 out of 10 sites I visited were affiliated reviews or biased reviews. Although they've written their pros and cons, it is still obvious they are luring potential buyers to click on the link.

So, how did I know that the product review I was reading was a compensation-based review? Simple. By hovering over the link, I saw a long string of codes at the status bar.

Biased Review:
Unbiased Review:

Simply put, an affiliate link will always have an "id" included in the string of codes.

Or I can go to sites like and read submitted reviews by the actual users (some customer ratings are harsh and sarcastic).

FYI: From now on, no more sponsored posts on this site. :)

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