Monday, September 26, 2011

Miracle Body Jeans -- Look Lighter Than Your Normal Size

Do you want to look 10 pounds lighter than your normal size? Then, Miracle Body Jeans might just be the right option.

I have not tried them yet because they are not available here in the Philippines. But I am so intrigued by their features.

Miracle Body Jeans are created by Miraclesuit, the same designer of swimwear that “makes women more beautiful and shapely.” With their Miracle Body Jeans form-flattering designs, you can look 10 pounds lighter.

These jeans are made of Lycra denim that “slims the thighs and lifts the rear.” So if you have chubbier upper legs but void of Beyonce-like buttocks, you can have slimmer upper legs (like those of Gisele Bundchen) and fuller derriere with Miracle Body Jeans.

Then, if you have been carrying extra body fats in your tummy that makes it look like you are 8 months pregnant but you are not, the Miratex miracle fabric of Miracle Body Jeans can somehow flatten and hide it.  

With these features in mind, you (and I) can have shapely figure in just 10 seconds. Of course the result is just temporary. That is if you remove it, your real figure comes back. Still, these jeans can be a life saver if you wish to look lighter for your upcoming date.

I cannot wait for them to become available here in the Philippines.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

White Water Rafting in CDO

Regardless of the brownish color of the river, we had a great time paddling against the strong current of the river. Thankfully, our two guides were expert in this field that we did not have a hard time going through the 21 rapids. 

Whitewater rafting adventure is not complete without experiencing finding ourselves in the water. Although our master guide has years of experience in this activity, he failed many times to flip the raft because we were so good at counter balancing it.

So, when we almost approached the end of the trip, the master guide asked us if we wanted to experience how to fall out of a raft. It was a unanimous decision -- Oh, yeah!!!

After hearing that shrieking “yes,” we properly positioned ourselves in the boat so that it would be easier for us to be thrown out. Then, we navigated through the rapid and intentionally hit a big rock that caused us all to be pulled down to the bottom of the river and drank a mouthful of water. And that was the best part of it all.

I wanted to show you a video of that scene (like in the Titanic movie where the boat hit an iceberg). Unfortunately, the video camera’s SD card used to capture that moment was corrupted. Thus, we lost all unforgettable memories we had during our stay in CDO.

Nevertheless, it was a gratifying experience. 

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