Saturday, February 25, 2012

Turks and Caicos Islands: What to Do in These Islands

Turks and Caicos islands are  located in the West Indies. They are a group of islands having a total surface of 161 sq mi. The Turks Islands are the smallest among the group while the Caicos Islands occupy the major part of the total area.

The Turks and Caicos Islands offer luscious beaches for local and foreign tourists. They are ideal for couples and families who want to unwind and get away from their stressful lives in the city. Tourists can visit Turks and Caicos Islands anytime of the year.

What is the primary language of Turks and Caicos Islands? English.

Activities in Turks and Caicos Islands

Scuba diving and snorkeling. The islands have extensive coral reef system which is perfect for scuba divers and snokelers. The top destinations for these activities are Grand Turk and Providenciales.

Golfing. The Turks and Caicos Islands also offer golf courses. They have a mini-golf course that allow family  members to learn how to play this sport.

Boating. Because the islands are surrounded by water, tourists need not worry about shortage of water-related activities, such as boating, sunset cruises, waterskiing and whale watching.

Visiting conch farm. The conch farm in Caicos is the only conch farm in the world. Tourists can learn how conchs are grown. They can also touch live conchs.
These are just some of the activities that tourists can do while staying in Turks and Caicos Islands.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cheap Flights: Cebu Pacific’s Cheap Rates

Nowadays, travelling to various Philippine destinations has become easy on the pocket through the cheap flights being offered by different airlines and agencies. One of the companies that offer cheap domestic and international flights is Cebu Pacific. Right now, they are offering cheap domestic flights to all domestic destinations at the price everybody can afford-- PHP26 ($1.16+). Their cheap international flights, on the other hand, have the following price tags:

  • Manila to Brunei, Kota Kinabalu or Taipei: PHP888 ($22.20+)
  • Manila, Cebu, or Clark to Singapore: PHP1,488 ($35.42+)
  • Manila to Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi or Siem Reap: PHP1,888 ($44.95+)

However, the availability of these cheap flights is very limited. Up to now, I have not been successful in booking a flight to Singapore. Those individuals who were able to obtain cheap flights to domestic and international destinations advised to book as early as 12 am. The available seats are filled up in less than an hour after they are released.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cheap Subic Day Tour Package

Summer is just around the corner. One of the best places to spend summer vacation in the Philippines is in Subic. It  is known for its cuisine and culture, as well as its panoramic views and leisure activities. Because of its beauty, most of its local and foreign tourists considered it as “Paradise.”

I have not been to Subic, yet. But I am working on my schedule to take a few days of vacation leave. Subic is of course on my list. I found a cheap Subic day tour package costs PHP1,999 ($47.52+) per person. It includes the following:

Transportation: round trip transportation from Manila to Subic, vice versa
Local tour guide
Admission fee for Ocean Adventure
Shows and park exhibits. It allows access to all shows and park exhibits in the Ocean Adventure
Admission fee for Adventure Beach and treetop Adventure. This cheap Subic day tour package also includes swimming fee at Adventure Beach
Free use of cottages and shower facilities
Buffet lunch only
Ocean Adventure is the only open-water marine park in Southeast Asia. The animals found here are living in a natural setting of clear water. The water encloses marine life, coral reefs, as well as white sand beach. In addition to dolphins, tourists can also see and experience how sea lions, rescued forest animals and other sea creatures move and play in a variety of exciting ways.

This cheap Subic day tour package to Ocean Adventure is expiring soon. Shoot! But, no worries, I know there are a lot of cheap Subic packages being offered by other companies.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best Chocolate Gift for Anyone with Sweet Tooth

The best chocolate gift a person can give to his loved ones is gourmet chocolate. Whatever the occasion is, chocolate is the most ideal way to express love and sympathy, as well as create special bond among family and friends.

However, chocolates are not created equal. Some of them are just a confectionery treat while others are really made from cacao beans. They are true chocolates that have been fermented, dried, and grounded.

Best chocolate gifts for different types of people

When gifting someone with chocolate, you should always opt for the one that your recipient likes. However, if you do not know what he likes, then you might want to stick with what you enjoy.

  • Dark chocolate. This is the best chocolate gift for anyone who wants plain chocolate.
  • Unsweetened chocolate. If your recipient wants bitter taste, then this might be the best chocolate gift that you can purchase.
  • Milk chocolate. This is ideal for kids.
  • Bitter sweet chocolate. This is good for someone who likes liquor.
  • Semi-sweet chocolate. This is the best chocolate gift you can give for chocolate lovers who love to cook because it is often used for cooking. However, it should not be given to someone suffering from diabetes because of its high sugar content.
Popular types of chocolate
  • Chocolate-dipped fruit. This elegant and delicious type of chocolate is ideal for any occasion. It is easy to find and can be ordered online.
  • Truffles. One of the most popular chocolates in the world. They offer a wide variety of flavors. To ensure quality, you should ask for a sample before making a purchase.
  • Chocolate cakes. offers excellent choices for this type of chocolate.

Some of the chocolate bar brands made in the Philippines

  • Choco-Mallow. This is one of my favorite chocolates made in the Philippines. It may not be the best chocolate gift but it can surely satisfy the sweet cravings of anyone with sweet tooth.
  • Cloud Nine. It is made of caramel and peanuts wrapped in milk chocolate. I like it but not my favorite.
  • Goya. It is available in different varieties, like dark and milk chocolate.

The best chocolate gift that I want to receive is this Comfort Food Towers from 

Comfort Food Towers from

It includes caramel marshmallows, Bapchi’s caramel toffee, and organic peanut butter bonbons. 

Or this chocolate gift basket by Grand Ghirardelli available at

Grand Ghirardelli from

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