Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Google Docs: 5 Tips and Tricks You Should Know to Get the Most out of Google Docs

Microsoft Office may still be the leader in commercial office suites all around the world but the arrival of Google Docs has taken a great percentage of market share. Although it does not have the full functionality of the former, Google Docs is surely evolving into a robust online tool.

To get the most out of this tool, here are some tips provided by experts.
  • Easy back-up. Cloud computing cannot be trusted all the time (what if your Internet connection is lost for a day?). Google Docs has a solution for this. You can keep hard copies of your online files and download them all to your hard drive. Just hit "Actions," choose "Download," and click "All Items."
  • Drag and drop. Even though this tool is a cloud-based, you can use the power of drag and drop between your Google Docs account and your hard drive. However, this option only works using Chrome or Firefox. 
  • Insert links. It is easy to insert a hyperlink to your text document on Google Docs. You can press Ctrl (command) + K to make the highlighted text a hyperlink. 
  • Store all your files. Google Docs lets you save your important documents and any type of files. Whether you wan to store your favorite mp3 files or .jpg files, you can do so using this online tool. Simply put, you can use this cloud-based tool as a backup for all your files. And you can access them anywhere, anytime, as long as there is an Internet connection.
  • Easy insertion of photos. You can insert a photo into your online document by simply dragging and dropping files from your hard drive into your doc. Or if you want to search for photos online, you can use the Google Image Search of Google Docs. 
There are plenty more ways to maximize the tools of Google Docs. There are many more tips and tricks that you can use to get the most from this online tool. 

Do you have any tricks and tips you want to share? Drop a comment or shoot me an email. 

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is Gmail? -- Tips on How to Maximize Its Tools

What is Gmail? It is a powerful tool that offers useful features that can topple other email utilities. It is robust enough that can overwhelm some users.

Here are some tips and tricks provided by some experts to help you save time in using it and assist you in organizing your life.

  • Create custom labels. This is one of the most useful tools of Gmail that allows you to organize your emails. It lets you set up custom labels to organize all incoming mails. You can make a label for your family, friends, work, travel, etc. There is no limit in creating labels. 
  • Use Filters. At first, this tool of Gmail can be very difficult to understand. But when you start using it, you can go nuts with it. Filters are used to "filter" incoming messages and place them to the appropriate label you have created. 
  • Prompt to attach files. This is what I like about this email utility. When sending emails in a hurry, sometimes, you may forget to send attachments. It will be very unprofessional of you if you are sending a business email and forgot the required attachment. Gmail's Attach Alerter works if you typed in "attach/attached" in the body of your email and you did not attach anything. 
  • Forward emails automatically. This is another useful feature of what is Gmail. It allows you to forward specific emails to another account. You may use this feature to backup any Gmail messages. 
  • Avoid unauthorized access to your account. This email utility has a feature that lets you know if someone is peeking into your Inbox. Just click on "Details" located at the bottom of the screen in your Gmail account. Click on "Sign out all other sessions."
Do you have other tips and tricks about what is Gmail? Shoot me an email or just leave a comment. 

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Tour Trips Italian Riviera: Things You Need to Know When Driving Around Italian Riviera

Tour trips in Italian Riviera can be fun by taking a rental. This beautiful place has a vast array of cities that you have to explore. When opting to tour around Italian Riviera by driving a car, you can cut the overall cost while having a great fun discovering the many wonders of this place.

What do you need during your tour trips?
Drink. You should opt for water instead of soda or alcoholic drinks.
Bathing costumes. Why? There are irresistible stop-offs at scenic shores where you might need to, well, use those costumes.

What routes should you take?
In Italian Riviera, there are plenty of shortcuts. Be careful when using them as taking the wrong one will lead to missing out a spectacular sea scenery. Take a map and study it so you can enjoy the adventure. You can drive through the tracks that are closer to the edge of the sea allowing you to go in and out.

When driving to Italian Riviera for your tour trips, you need to drive slowly. You should avoid driving during holiday times and peak periods as the roads would be very busy at these times. You may drive automatic cars to help you save gear-shifting modes. However, it is more expensive than hiring a manual car.

During your tour trips around Italian Riviera, you might be looking for places where you need to park your rented car. You can park in the hotels but it is costly and so is the cost of petrol. You just need to deal with it as driving the coastline offers you a spectacular scenery and stop offs at leisure. Driving also enables you to sample traditional food and wine in this place. Although it is expensive to park your rented car, it still allows you to save your money from lugging bags between buses.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cheap Airline Tickets to Italian Riviera

Because there are no direct flights from Manila to Rome, tourists from the Philippines will have to take a flight with two stops to go to Italy. The cheapest airline ticket I could find (so far) is $1,249, including taxes and fees. The most expensive airline ticket is a roundtrip ticket via Philippine Airlines and Turkish Airlines with two stops and a travel time of 21 hours and 20 minutes.

Cheap Airline Tickets to Italy reaching Italian Riviera

  1. $1,249 - Multiple Airlines (Malaysia Airlines, KLM) 
  2. $1,264 - Multiple Airlines (Philippine Airlines, Finnair)
  3. $1,286 - Multiple Airlines (Malaysia Airlines, KLM, Cathay Pacific)
KLM is one of the popular cheap airlines that fly into airports that serve Italian Riviera, Italy. The average travel time is 20 hours from Manila to Italy. 

Experts advice on flying via cheap airline tickets. 
  • Read the rules and baggage instructions provided by your airline's website. They advise to take small cases when traveling. 
  • Wear  appropriate clothing for airport checks and safety. Do not use/wear metal objects that will set off metal detectors. Remove them before going for security scan. 
  • Check in two hours before your flight. 
When booking cheap airline tickets to Italy, you should not expect to have luxurious seats or free food. It may be inconvenient but you get what you pay for. The budget price makes it possible for you to travel from Manila to Italy in going to Italian Riviera. 

Sadly, travel by train or by car from Manila to Italy is not possible.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Where to Travel to While in Italian Riviera

While in Italian Riviera, there are places where you can spend a great time exploring this wonderful piece of Italy.

Where to travel to:
  1. Therapeutic Massage. It is one of the most recommended attractions in Italian Riviera. It offers unique way of massaging your body. According to its past customers, the owner knows how to identify which muscle of the body is in pain. (I wish I could go there to give it to alleviate my muscle pain on my right shoulder.)
  2. Alassio. It offers white-sand beaches and beachfront promenade. While visiting this place, you can grab a seafood for lunch or spend your day in its white-sand beaches. You can end your trip here by shopping on its caruggi. 
  3. Chiavari. It is a village with twisting streets and great harbor. Most of its citizens are from South America who emigrated there in the 19th century. Although the town has been modernized, you can still see medieval traces by looking at its buildings. 
  4. Cinque Terre. There are two adjectives to describe this place: charming and breathtaking. This has been featured in various movies (if I am not mistaken). It offers great views of rocky coast and provides access to secluded beaches. 
  5. Genoa. This is another must-visit-where-to-travel-to while in Italian Riviera. This is the same place where Christopher Columbus was born. Today, the city is adorned with beautiful palaces, churches and art collections. 
  6. Castles/Palaces. One of the castles that you can explore in Italian Riviera is Castel San Giorgio, which is dedicated to local archaelogy. Or you can explore Palazzo Ducale, which was built in the 16th century. To visit this dungeouns and tower, you need to make a reservation ahead of time. 
There are just some of the suggested where-to-travel-to places when visiting Italian Riviera by expert tourists.

Photo Source: Travel Guide

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Hotels to Stay in Italian Riviera

What hotels to stay in Italian Riviera?

Italian Riviera is one of the most amazing places in Europe. Keep in mind that lodging options tend to be more expensive when staying there during peak season (June to August). Experts recommend asking for a sconto bassa sagione when you want to take advantage of its low-season discount. 

Budget hotels to stay in Italian Riviera

  • Agnello d'Oro. The owner of this hotel will be happy to assist you with your plane reservations and travel plans while staying in this place. 
  • Best Western City. It is located in the heart of the city. This hotel has suites on  top of the floor offering spectacular views. Each room has Wi-Fi connection. 
Expensive hotel to be while visiting this magnificent place
  • Splendido. This is indeed a splendid luxury hotel built in the 1920s. Each room is gorgeous with lovely views. Their staff is very friendly and caring. Unfortunately, you need to spend more than 100 euro just to have lunch for two in this place. 
Upscale hotel in Italian Riviera
  • Eight Hotel Portofino. It offers luxurious accomodations right in the middle of the village. It has its own secluded garden at the back where you can visit in the morning and have coffee or chat with your travel partner. This is your best bet if you are staying in Portofino. However, if you want a hotel to have sea views, then you might look at some hotels that offer such view. But what I like about it most is that it allows (some) pets. 
Mid-Range hotel
  • Grand Hotel Miramare. It has a private beach with top-notch service. It is located overlooking the bay south of the city. The place is so inviting as it offers lush garden, heated swimming pool and private swimming area on the sea. To further provide you with attractive views, this hotel has antique furniture, like marble bathrooms and crystal chandeliers. 
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Friday, May 04, 2012

Plus Google: Features That You Will Surely Like About G+

I have signed up with Plus Google last year and I must say that it is way better than Facebook. One thing I like about it is that I do not get to see the updates of my friends, such as, "I am annoyed with my best friend," "I am having breakfast" and other rubbish updates that I see on my FB stream.

If you are a newbie about this social networking site, here are some of the things you can do to take advantage of this site.

  • Be yourself. There are a lot of fake profiles in various social networking sites. If you want to engage with other Plus Google users at a different level, you should be true to yourself online. How? To start off, you should create a brief profile. Add a few things about yourself that make you unique. 
  • Find others with the same interests as you have. You can do so by using the site's search feature. I have encircled people in the "Photography" circles. This is where I met prominent and great photographers all around the world. 
  • Join the hangouts. You can have great conversations with great artists in various parts of the world. Hang out with them and share your thoughts about a certain topic. You may also watch the live hangout from a distance before taking the next step of joining. 
  • Create your own circle. This is what I like most about Plus Google. Unlike FB, I can customize my own circles. For instance, I can place celebrities I am following to my "Celebrities" circle or put my friends from France to my "French Speaking" circle. And if I want to share something, I can easily choose which circle to share it with.
If you explore the features of Plus Google, you will surely love this social networking site and abandon your profile on Facebook. Oh, by the way, G+ plus does not have to inform your friends if you pushed that "Like" button on your friends' photos or greeted your friends a happy birthday. Clearly, they do not have to know. 

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

How to be Funny? -- Learning How to Create a Funny Joke

I submitted a joke to Reader's Digest hoping to be approved so I could receive $350. Unfortunately, the said joke was just thrown to trash (I presume). Now, I want to know how to be funny or how to create a funny joke that can really tickle the brain of the one reading it.

Unfortunately, being funny is not that easy. It takes hard work and a lot of practice in order to get it right. Thankfully, I have found some tips to help me write or come up with funny ideas.

  • Choose the comedy you are interested in. Do you want a sitcom script? How about a short story? Once you have chosen the kind of humor you want to work on, you should stick with it. Otherwise, you end up having confused audience. When thinking of the kind of comedy you want to write, you should consider what makes you laugh. Whatever type of funny ideas you pick, you should be consistent. 
  • Make use of conflict to help you on how to be funny. Some writers who write jokes tackle a conflict that is funny. For instance, you can write about guys who get mad at each other so they start smacking each other. Or you can talk about the ineptness of the government (Noy Noying?). 
  • Select the right words. Some funny words may not be appropriate in a certain situation. Therefore, you should choose your words carefully to help you create a funny joke. Also, avoid telling jokes that you do not understand. 
Writing funny jokes is challenging indeed. Perhaps, I have not selected the right words for the joke I previously submitted to Readers Digest. I will try one more time and see if my it will be published.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

On the Beach: Tips to Make Your Vacation Memorable

Nothing beats the experience of having a holiday on the beach with your family and friends. It lets you watch the blue ocean and relax under a pine tree. Having this vacation also allows you to go hunting for fishes or building sand castles with your kids. In order to get the best out of this vacation, you might want to heed to the following  tips to make your vacation as memorable as possible:

Conduct a research about the long beach you are planning to visit. You must know how much would it cost to use its cottages. Is there a corkage fee? How about the fees involved to use its amenities? If you are planning to camp on the beach, you need to make sure that it offers appropriate places where you can camp at. Keep in mind that some beaches have some restrictions for particular activity.

Use sunscreen. Before heading to the long beach, you have to apply sunscreen to keep your skin safe against the effects of ultraviolet rays. Even though you are going there during cloudy days, it is still essential to apply sunscreen in order to prevent yourself from looking like a roast suckling after the holiday.

Stay away from sand dunes. This is especially true if you are planning to have some camping activities with your friends and family on the beach. Make sure that the beach you want to camp at has appropriate shelter. It allows you to avoid getting wet when high tide comes.

And of course, bring adequate clothing for the weather and for beach activities.

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