Singapore Tourism - Reasons You Must Visit This Country

Singapore may be a small country but it is well-known for its bustling metropolis. Although it has high-rise buildings, it has been considered by various travel and tourism organizations as one of the cleanest cities in the world. It is also listed as one of the safest places in the world. But you need to know its local laws to avoid imprisonment. Keep in mind that just spitting in the street involves a severe penalty (unlike in the Philippines where spitting is just a common scenario).
What To See And Do In Singapore
  • Singapore tourism has a lot to offer to its tourists. Hence, spending your time here for a few days is not enough. You need to extend it for at least two weeks to explore the many places of Singapore. There are just too many tourist places that you must visit and several things to do here.

  • Malay Heritage Center. It showcases the Malay culture and heritage of this country through its exhibits, diorama display, and more.
  • Eurasian Heritage Center. Dance classes and tasting sessions are held here. The site offers fascinating insight about the Eurasian culture.
  • Other Heritage Sites will include Chinese Heritage Center, Civil Defence Heritage Centre, and Chinatown Heritage Centre.

  • Singapore tourism has something for your taste buds with the country’s signature dishes. When you eat and dine in one of its restaurants, you must make sure that you try its chili crab with piquant gravy. If you are a lover of spicy dishes, you should also order the country’s fish head curry version.
  • Hainanese chicken rice and nasi lemak are the favorite dishes of the locals. After you have satisfied your palate, you need to wash down your stomach with a pulled tea. It is a creamy frothy milk tea that can surely delight your taste buds.
  • Popular desserts, like kacang and cendol, are also a must-try.

  • Singapore’s shopping centers allow you to shop, dine and/or watch a movie. There are several eateries for food lovers, movie houses for movie buffs and shopping bargains for anyone who loves to shop. Some of the well-known shopping malls in Singapore will include:
    • ION Orchard
    • Bugis Junction
    • FestiveWalk at Resorts World Sentosa
    • Changi Airport Singapore
    • The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (ideal for shoppers who are looking for international luxury brands, new labels and concepts)
    • Marina Square
If you want to experience all of these, you need to explore what Singapore tourism has to offer. When planning to visit this country, you need to a have a place to stay. Right?
Here are the suggested places where you can stay while touring around the beautiful country of Singapore.

  • Marina Bay Sands – the average rate per night is $305.
  • Festive Hotel – it offers relaxing and welcoming stay for vacationers who do not want to spend more. Average price per night is $159.
  • Fragrance Hotel – Crystal – it is one of the most affordable hotels you can have.
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  1. yes, one day i hope to visit Singapore again. It's a lovely clean place to visit and live in. The strictness of government has truly made this place a decent, respectful city.


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