4 Known Haunted Theaters in the World

It’s almost Halloween and what’s a great way to celebrate it? Going to haunted places, of course.

Have you thought of going to theaters? You may think that such place is for experiencing romance and suspense. But those old theaters have histories of staff and audience members that have come and gone. And these people do come back as GHOSTS.

So what are the theaters in the US and other countries known to be haunted by ghosts?

1. Belasco Theater
It’s located in New York City. The ghost of the late David Belasco, a 20th-century Broadway producer, is said to be living in this theater. Women and audience who visit this place did report of seeing and feeling mysterious ghostly pinch.

2. Palace Theater
It’s home to Judy Garland, who was one of the most popular Broadway artists in 1960s. During her comeback performances, she sang her hits, like The Man That Got Away and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. According to past workers of this theater, a special door was actually built for the artist’s entrances and exists. Now, some people who work here reported to see ghostly figure of the star in that doorway.

3. Paris Opera
Although it has been renovated for several times, it didn’t clean up ghost sightings. It may not be the Phantom sightings but it’s a theater’s ghost of an older woman who committed suicide in the 19th century. Reports said that she used to roam in this theater to find the person who rejected her.

4. Palace Theater In Los Angeles
It’s one of the oldest movie theaters in this state. Its third balcony was once closed because of racial segregation. But onstage performers did report of seeing ghostly figures in that balcony. The said balcony’s doors are locked up to prevent anyone from going there. Even audience members did report of seeing a figure of a woman, who dressed up in white lace and crossed the stage during an ongoing performance. Then, she disappears into the wings. She’s not part of the play because she’s never to be seen again.

These aren’t the only theaters in the world that are considered to be haunted. You can read reports about ghostly sightings of famous rock stars, movie stars, etc. in various places. So, if you want to prove that a ghost is real and not just a product of people’s imagination, then why not try going to these places and find out yourself. Let us know if they’re real by leaving us a comment.