Apple Inc (AAPL) Numbers Low – Company Is Still A Favorite

Apple Inc. (AAPL) numbers are out. And their investors are happy as the result is good.
People expected this company to go down the same way as Microsoft hit the bottom. Unfortunately, this company knows how to control the market and here they are, getting ahead of the game.

Its products are ahead of people’s expectations, especially its iPhone sales. Although its iPad isn’t getting enough money, the numbers aren’t too bad.

What Does The Company Say About Its Products
1. New products in 2014
Next year, we’ll be expecting new products from this company. According to Tim Cook, the company has more than enough skilled individuals to make innovative hardware, software and services that can topple other companies, like Microsoft. With that in mind, Apple (AAPL) earnings will still be high, we’ll expect that.

2. More and more iPad
Nope. They’re not giving free iPad. But the company will continue to improve this product. But people who are aiming for iPad Air may have a hard time getting it.

3. More Mac
We’ll expect to see more Mac products to be released a month from now.

iPad Sales Lowered
Apple Inc. (AAPL) admitted that the sales of their iPad aren’t encouraging to some people. But for them, the numbers are already good enough to make new models in the months or years to come. According to the company, it has sold more than 170 million of iPad earlier of this month. In 2014, the company is expected to ship 78.8 million iPads. The number will increase every year.  

Still A Favorite
Despite its decline, Apple Inc. (AAPL) is still a favorite. But it’ll continue to face decline. Thanks to its rivals Google Inc (GOOG), Samsung Electronics, Microsoft (MSFT) and With these companies, Apple’s products may face serious competition that may result in decreased earnings and lower stock price. The company’s share has been hanging. Some of its investors are asking Tim Cook to spend more money on the company to buy back its stock. Although the board has already done that, these investors want more.

Even though Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock price is falling, it’s not going down as other companies. In fact, it’s still the world’s favorite public company. It has a market capitalization of not less than $480 billion. As of its products, they continue to reshape and innovate for the world to enjoy.