Happy National Cat Day – It’s Your Day, Garfield!

It's National Cat Day!


I’m not really an avid fan of cats but hey it’s National Cat Day!

Okay, kittens and cats. It’s your day today. I’ll be more forgiving. But I still can’t forgive the cat that stole our food a few years ago.

In line with today’s event, Uber, an application that you can use to order a taxi or a SUV to pick you up at a certain location, is also celebrating National Cat Day. The company added Kittens! on its list of items that you can order.

If you’ve $20 to spare, you can ask the company to deliver a kitten that you can snuggle for about 15 minutes. But the service is very limited. It’s only available in Seattle, New York and San Francisco.

Is it a scam?
The company does it for the animal shelter in each city previously mentioned. It partnered with Cheezburger to collect fees for the development of animal shelters.

The celebration of Cat’s Day made it difficult to score a kitten using this app. Some people are concerned about this event saying that transporting kittens from one place to another can be stressful to them. They even considered it as cruel. But most of those who could get the idea, they just laughed at the promotion of Uber.

The first National Cat Day was celebrated in 2005. Its aim was to express the love of cats and to find homes for cats living in shelter homes. With the birth of social media, our feline friends have finally trumped dogs in the battle against the most popular animal online.

But why do people love cats?
They’re cute. Well, most of them. Remember Snoopybabe from China? It’s adorable.

They know how to look superior. Grumpy Cat that won lifetime achievement award in Friskies awards in New York. It became a legend on the Internet because of how it looks – always annoyed. With its popularity, it scored a lucrative deal with Friskies. Lucky cat!

Does everybody love cats?

I don’t love them but I don’t hate them. They’re adorable. But not all people are cat lovers. Some of them said that they are a true nightmare in real life, though perfect for the Internet. Others, however, are really lovers of cats. In fact, they want each day to be National Cat Day. For them, they are more beautiful and they don’t smell bad as dogs do. 

For me, I think this one is the cutest: