Halloween – 8 Last-Minute Costumes For All Saint’s Day

Have you waited until Halloween to find a costume? Or are you just one of those people who are nonchalant to try?

Here’s a list of costumes that you can try. They’re very easy to do. Plus, they won’t ruin your childhood or piss people around you. With minimal effort, they can offer you instant costume and scowl your way up to party that requires attendees to have a costume for the occasion.

If you want to be a cat on Halloween, then dress something tight and smooth. Keep in mind that all cat costumes don’t have the fat that real cats have. To have those whiskers, you just need to apply liquid eyeliner. Or you can just put fake cat ears. That’d surely do the trick.

What you’ll need for this Halloween costume are shower cap, oversized shirt. If you have a laboratory gown, then that’d better as it could tickle the imagination of the people around you.

In here, you’ll only need a cotton robe and a tie under. Then, wear some fake glasses. And don’t forget the stick that you can carry around. Remember, you’re a wizard. And not just a wizard. You’re Harry Potter.
What you’ll need? Sweatshirt and pants. They must be grey. Black buttons, scissors, hot glue gun and round cardboard.

Yes, wearing clothes that were once popular in the 90s are also good fit as a Halloween costume. You just need a flannel shirt and ill-fitting jeans. Then, go out and unleash your inner 90s spirit.

Being a farmer once in a while is a good way to show that you feel the spirit of the Halloween. To don this costume, you need boots, oversized sunhat, and a plaid shirt. Make sure that your boots are not new.

This one is simple. In here, you’ll wear satin sleep mask, a pajama set, and a pair of knit slippers, like those UGG Cozy Knit slippers.

Remember the outfit she wore on her music video “Baby One More Time”? You can have it as a Halloween costume by donning Oxfort shirt, ties, cardi, skater skirt, braided bra and knee sock.

With these costumes, you can easily impress your friends without having to spend a few hours of your time preparing for your Halloween party.