Pwnie Express, Ian Watkins, Brandon Browner and Lara Logan: Top Stories Of Today

Here’s a list of top three things that you must be aware of today.
1. Pwnie Express Is Opening Its Headquarters In Boston
One of the most popular security software that first launched in Vermont has recently announced about its headquarters in Boston within the Innovation District. The company has a newly appointed CEO – Paul Paget. The said headquarter is now headed by the new CEO, along with its two new employees. The company also announced that they’ll need additional 12 employees in 2014.

With the new headquarter in Boston, Express will now have the chance to cater to its growing customer demand. Although it has already a headquarter in Boston, the company’s manufacturing operating and its research and development will stay in Vermont.
Currently, there are over 1,000 businesses that utilize Pwnie Express. These businesses are related to finance, manufacturing and health.

2. Ian Watkins Is Guilty

Is Ian Watkins a pedophile? Unfortunately, he did plead guilty to several sex offences. He did admit of attempting to rape a baby. Although he pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault and rape about a child, he didn’t admit of raping the child.

Furthermore, he admitted that he got involved with possessing of indecent images of children. He also admitted of possessing a pornographic image of a child performing sex on an animal.

His laptop was password protected. But the obscene images of sexual activity with children were uncovered by the GCHQ.

What’s more disturbing is the fact that he did film a few episodes of abuse that took place in several hotels in UK. These films were also recovered by the police.
The sentencing will be carried on December 18, 2013.

Ian Watkins is the lead vocalist of Lostprophets, a Welsh rock band.

3. Lara Logan Is Suspended

When it comes to journalism, you must know the facts and report the truth. Unfortunately, Lara Logan didn’t heed to this advice. CBS has suspended her, along with her producer, because of the erroneous information she made on her 60 minutes report regarding the attack on a US diplomatic post in Libya. Logan took the source from a security contractor, who was discredited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Later, she called it a mistake for trusting her source.

CBS found that Lara’s team didn’t do a thorough investigation about what has been provided to them by a security contractor.

4. Brandon Browner May Face A 1-Year Suspension

It looks like Seattle’s Seahawk’s cornerback won’t be playing for one year as he’ll face suspension on the grounds of violating the league’s policy on substance abuse. But the CB has filed an appeal and hoping the charges will be dropped.

Last season, he was also suspended for using a performance-enhancing substance. This year, he’s now facing another suspension of his violation against the league’s PED policy.
Brandon denied the reports on Twitter.

As regards to players facing a suspension, Brandon Browner isn’t the only player of Seahawk to face this issue. Walter Thurmond will be suspended and won’t be able to play four games because he violated the abuse substance policy of the NFL. He’s now planning to drop an appeal so he can play for the postseason.