Rest in Peace Charlie Trotter

Charlie Trotter, who was a self-taught chef, was found unconscious in his Lincoln Park home. But he was pronounced dead in the hospital.

Charlie had a reputation of elevating Chicago’s cuisine by providing a training ground for those who want to be a chef.

According to the rescue crews who went to Charlie’s house, someone called the Chicago Fire Department around 10 am from his Lincoln Park home. The crews attempted to revive him while they transported his body to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. But the attempts were unsuccessful.

The Cook County medical examiner was already notified. The autopsy of Charlie’s body was being scheduled.

He was a gourmet chef in Chicago. In fact, he had earned 10 James Beard Awards. He also trained other best-known chefs, such as Grant Achatz, who is a fellow Beard Award winner.

His restaurant earned two stars when the Michelin Guide launched in Chicago.
According to the people who have eaten at his diner, Charlie was very innovative and focused with the food he was able to produce. When he opened his eatery, he was very original. His customers could taste the perfection and innovation.

It was in 1987 when he was recognized as a self-taught chef. He then opened his restaurant called Charlie Trotter found on Armitage Avenue. He was the most talked-about chef in Chicago because of his intense creativity. After people realized his creativity, he became famous and his fame quickly spread all around Chicago and across the country.

1999 - He became the Outstanding Chef by James Beard Foundation

2000 – His Charlie Trotter restaurant was named as the best restaurant in the nation by the Wine Spectator magazine.

2002 – His restaurant received Beard Award for Outstanding Service. For Charlie, it was the best award he had ever received because it offered great value for his team.

He wasn’t only the best in cooking but Charlie Trotter was also very generous by creating his Charlie Trotter Education Foundation that aims to provide scholarship for students who want to be a chef. Because of his effort, he received the Humanitarian of the Year award by James Beard Foundation.

His family was aware that Charlie Trotter had brain aneurysm. He knew that he didn’t have enough time left because his condition was inoperable.
May you rest in peace Charlie Trotter.