Traveling to Japan, India, Russia, China, Norway, France, Germany – How not to be Rude to the Locals

When traveling to Japan, Russia, India, China, Norway and France, there are things that you must know to avoid upsetting the locals. Here are some rules that you should keep in mind.

Traveling to Japan

Japan is one of the top travel destinations in Asia. But make sure to heed some of its travel rules. For instance, services at hotels and restaurants can be quite unique in this country. If waiters in the US would appreciate bigger tips, servers in Japan would find it degrading.

Tipping isn’t done in this country, so avoid that when traveling to Japan.

Traveling to India

From Japan, let’s go to India. In this country, you won’t see their locals using their left hand when greeting someone or exchanging money.


They considered it as unclean.

Thus, when traveling to India, never use your left hand when you try to greet someone. Don’t pick up merchandise or exchange money using your left hand.

Traveling to Russia

Russia is known for its strict rules when it comes to their tourists. If it’s your first-time in this country, don’t assume that the people living here are miserable because they just don’t smile at you.

Well, there’s a reason for that. And it’s not that they’re unhappy. In Russia, smiling at strangers is considered a demonstration of insincerity. This is because smiling is an intimate gesture for Russians. If you don’t know them and you smile at them, they’ll treat you as an insincere individual.

So, don’t smile at Maria Sharapova when you see her in Russia, unless the two of you are friends.

Traveling to China

China is known for its chopsticks. When you go to one of its restaurants, never wave your chopsticks as this action is considered to be rude in this country. It’s as if you’re drumming with your fork or knife.

Traveling to Norway

Among the many bizarre rules in Norway, it’s the honking that really amazes me. In Norway, honking is only used during emergency situations. Thus, when you beep while driving, you’re causing panic to other drivers. (Wish it’s also being followed here in PH).

Traveling to France

In addition to learning le Francais, you must also learn how to say hello. Saying “bonjour” is appreciated in this country but if you don’t, French locals would consider you as rude. You’re simply showing the person you don’t say hi to that he/she is “lower than you” in status.

Traveling to Germany

When in Germany, never put your hands in your pockets while talking to someone. It’s considered to be bad manners. And while you’re eating, never put your hands on the table. Never. Verstanden?