You Never Fail to Displease Me, Smartbro

Warning: I have no intention of discrediting the company. Maybe, I'm just one of Smartbro's "unfortunate valued subscribers."

SmartBro… hear ye… hear ye…

It's been a year, a month, and 11 days after the agonizing experience I had with SmartBro- the revolutionary high-speed broadband internet service of Smart and the largest, fastest growing broadband service provider in the country.

This is the replica of the complaint/demand letter that I hand-delivered to Smart Wireless Center at Gaisano Mall.

Yes, it's been a year, a month and 11 days…
Did I receive a "letter of apology"? Hmm, besides the monthly bill? Not a single letter arrived.

How about a call from their CSR? After I "earnestly" paid for the "advance/entrance fee," I received, approximately, three calls from their "enthusiastic" CSRs informing me that my canopy will be installed the next day and then after that? Not a single word from them.

A rebate? Yes…a total of PHP 60+ rebate for 5 days of having no Internet connection (after I went to Smartbro's office to "personally" ask for it).
Yes… not a single word from them…not a simple "apology."

Well, who am I to earn an "apology" from the largest, fastest growing broadband service provider in the country (I love repeating this pretentious and pompous slogan of SmartBro). I'm just a subscriber, who pays the PHP 999 monthly bill on time.

And what do I get in return? A less than 100 kbps speed (with intermittent Internet connection) contrary to the "up to 384 kbps" I've signed up for (or was it 3.84 kbps).

And why do I stay? Besides the lock-in period of 12 months (expired last month), this is the only broadband service provider available in our vicinity. So, do I have a choice?

Again, I'm not trying to discredit the company… all I want is just a sincere "Sorry for the inconvenience" or a simple…

"Sorry…" perhaps.

From the largest, fastest growing broadband service provider in the country (???)

But I guess that word "Sorry" is onerous for them to spell or exhausting to utter…

Or maybe, it will happen…when pigs fly!


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