Face of the Week- My Son

This is Jan Carl "Borgy" Mari. My "son"

He's turning five today. I can't believe that he's already five.

I can still remember…when I was "cradling him in my arms" when he was...

But now…

At his age, he already has a "crush." I don’t know if he knew what "crush" meant. But he did ask 20 bucks from his mom to buy flowers for his crush.

Well, that's Borgy, he does the "unpredictable." No wonder he's the apple of the eye in the family.

That's my five-year old nephew…


  1. Oh your son so cute ^^

    And romantic as well, buy flower for his crush :D

  2. @shien... tnx, but he's not actually my "son"...:)

  3. Your son is cute!

    OK...you said he's not actually your son...then your adopted son is cute!

    take care!

  4. @jimboypogi...I konw he's cute that's why I called him my son (my sister's son) :)Anyway, tc too.


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