Plus Google: Features That You Will Surely Like About G+

I have signed up with Plus Google last year and I must say that it is way better than Facebook. One thing I like about it is that I do not get to see the updates of my friends, such as, "I am annoyed with my best friend," "I am having breakfast" and other rubbish updates that I see on my FB stream.

If you are a newbie about this social networking site, here are some of the things you can do to take advantage of this site.

  • Be yourself. There are a lot of fake profiles in various social networking sites. If you want to engage with other Plus Google users at a different level, you should be true to yourself online. How? To start off, you should create a brief profile. Add a few things about yourself that make you unique. 
  • Find others with the same interests as you have. You can do so by using the site's search feature. I have encircled people in the "Photography" circles. This is where I met prominent and great photographers all around the world. 
  • Join the hangouts. You can have great conversations with great artists in various parts of the world. Hang out with them and share your thoughts about a certain topic. You may also watch the live hangout from a distance before taking the next step of joining. 
  • Create your own circle. This is what I like most about Plus Google. Unlike FB, I can customize my own circles. For instance, I can place celebrities I am following to my "Celebrities" circle or put my friends from France to my "French Speaking" circle. And if I want to share something, I can easily choose which circle to share it with.
If you explore the features of Plus Google, you will surely love this social networking site and abandon your profile on Facebook. Oh, by the way, G+ plus does not have to inform your friends if you pushed that "Like" button on your friends' photos or greeted your friends a happy birthday. Clearly, they do not have to know. 

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