Farewell To You

Farewell to you my friend…[sigh] Every time I hear this song, it always brings solace while I reminisce the past.

We'll see each other again… And we did. Things have changed. It's both funny and gratifying seeing those changes right in front of us.

Don't worry 'cause it's not the end of everything… It was just the beginning of our long journey. Some of us are already accomplished professionals. While others remained on the same path and refused to move on.

It's really funny to look back after all of these years… It is. Can you still remember when we were laughing so hard that a "bubble burst out of your nose (literally)"? Or when you inadvertently peed on your pants out of fear during our oral revalida? And how about our "cheating arrangement"?

I maybe miles away, but here is where my heart will stay … We still have a long road ahead of us. Though we're apart, I know, in God's time, will be together, just like before.


  1. @dom...LOL! Nothing, just reminiscing...:)

  2. a song that always bring tears to my eyes. have a lot of memories with this song. it's really a treasure to have this song in my heart. "farewell to you" will always be on the top of my list.


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