TIPS: Tell me about yourself

MESSAGE: This is to inform you that you are scheduled for an interview tomorrow at 8 a.m.

The next day:
>You woke up early to arrive on time (or even earlier, and that's good!).
>You were well groomed and dressed appropriately.

In the office:
>You were so polite to the secretary, who showed you the way.

In the room:
>The panelists were there. They greeted you with a smile.

The scene:
Interviewer 1: Hello, good morning! I am Oceane and this is my co-panelist, November. How are you?
YOU: I am doing fine, thank you.
Interviewer 1: So, YOU, tell me about yourself.
YOU: Well, um, I am YOU. I was born in, um, Fulda, Germany. My hobbies are...


TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF is a frequently-asked question that could make or break you. This is your chance to convince the panelists/interviewers that you are the ONE for the job and that you should do this in less than a minute. Basically, you will focus your answer to the question, "Why should we hire you?"

Moreover, before the interview, make and practice a script to help you stay on track. However, don’t memorize it. Otherwise, you will sound so "rehearsed," not natural and conversational.

The key points here: PRACTICE and BE PREPARED (especially for some bizarre questions).

You will never know, your interviewer might ask you: Why is there a hole in a doughnut?


  1. why is there a hole in a doughnut?

    the question is simple but no one can give the right answer to it. even the most brilliant of minds don't have the right and exact answer to this question. why so? it is because this question can never be answered. there is no logical explanation to it. each and everyone of us has our own answers but none of it satisfies us or seems right.

    for me, my advice to all is that we should just enjoy the savoring taste of a doughnut, how it will satisfy our stomachs. because that's what it was made of to enrich us with its sweet, soft and sugary taste.


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