Face of the Week- My Fiance

This is Wentworth Earl "Wenty" Miller III. My fiancé.

Uh-huh, we're getting married on December **, 20**. We don’t want to reveal yet the date because you know how the paparazzo works, right?

Hmm, he was with Mariah when I first saw him. I thought that they "belong together" but "it wasn’t really like that," I figured out.

It was at Fox River Penitentiary that our paths crossed again, and this time...I knew...that he's the one.

I would drop everything that I do, just to see him.

My friends know that I'm a bit finicky when it comes to guys and Wenty is no exemption. But he did pass my standards. Why not? He's a graduate of Princeton University with a bachelor's degree in English literature.

Oh well, I'm telling you...that the spark was already felt on our second meeting.

His eyes… how can I ever resist his tantalizing grey eyes when he looks at me?

His smile…always takes my breath away. (Sounds like a song, huh?)

And the deep voice of his… it's just… it's inexplicable.

I know we were apart for months, but last week...you and I were together again… at last… my long wait was over.

I've missed you and finally we're together now

…and finally, you're out of prison...but with a new mission?


  1. I like the whole intro to this post leading up to the end, nice.

  2. Very well done...i can't wait for the next prison break.

  3. They make you think Gretchen is dead but after the first episode when they showed the previews for the upcoming season she was locked up somewhere and her hair was shorter. I think she is going to escape and probably help out Michael and Link


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