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The Internet, in general, is somehow a very complicated system, especially if you are a non tech-savvy person, who wants to start an online business or business that needs the support of the Internet (for promotion). Of course people will advise you to just hire someone, who's more knowledgeable, and pay that person. But in business, though you have someone working for you on the technical aspect, you still need to learn perhaps the basics and then later on, go deeper into the convoluted technical world.

Once you've decided it's time to have an online business, one of the questions would be: "Who will be your web hosting provider?"

It's not as easy as ABC. You will need simplified information for you to comprehend those things. And I know the right place for you to acquire information about web hosting…where else but at Web Hosting Geeks.

They have a web hosting blog about industry news, trends, products, and discussions. The site presents insightful articles about: web hosting, CMS, Control Panels, Web Hosting News. Since it's a blog, you may leave your vote or rating for each article.

Further, they have profound web hosting rating for: the top 10 web hosting providers, multiple domain hosting, and also the free domain names with web hosting, free Yahoo! marketing, free Google adwords.

The information on their website can truly help you with your web hosting needs. So please visit them and you'll be surprised there are still a lot of things you don’t know about web hosting.


  1. Very true.
    There are hosting companies such as Dreamhost.com that have one click installs of popular cms, and blogging software.
    They make creating email addresses even databases very easy.
    They also have very good support.

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    Thanks for sharing this information very complete.

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