Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Fun

If you were given the chance to kill me, how are you going to do it?
- Hang on the ceiling
- Shoot with a gun
- Stone me to death
- Plunge with a knife
- Bump with a car
- Poison me
- Push me off a cliff
- Surround me with a bomb
- Burn me

I'll tell you the meanings after...



ill gonna push u down a cliff
hope ull survive

@ rotini-- you'll push me off a cliff means you don't like me around. hehehe...Happy halloween!

Kinda depressing--even if just in fun.

I wouldn't kill you, but If I were to do it, I'd shoot you with a gun.

@plantbuddy--I know it is but we had fun doing it during our Halloween party. We were surprised with the meaning of each answer. :)

@ratty--Hmm, shoot me with a don't want to see me suffer, ty. :)

Kindest way possible, shoot with a gun, the others all leave too much pain without necessarily killing to risk doing that to you.

Strange question though

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