The Marijuana Art

Mary Jane Goods is "a producer, marketer and retailer of original and intelligent pieces of art that are unique"—the DNA Artistry. is an online retail store that has just been launched for the Cannabis aficionados. has a selection of high-end, quality products from the DNA genetic fingerprint of Cannabis sativa plant or better known as Marijuana.

Let me first present a background on what DNA artistry is all about. DNA artistry takes the DNA fingerprint of people, pets, and now plants. And through fingerprinting process, the fingerprint will now turn into an interesting, fine art.

Now, the founder of DNA Artistry decided to start producing art out of the DNA of endangered species. And this time, the founder extracted the DNA fingerprint of the Cannabis sativa plant.

Amongst many, the Mary Jane Goods Coffee Mug is my favorite. It is a coffee mug that has a logo printed in normal ink. The interesting part comes when the liquid is heated within the mug, then the Cannabis DNA print appears.

My other favorite is of course the Art Stash Box that would surely light up my room because the print will just glow in the dark.

Don't get excited yet. Go visit their website,, and feast your eyes with their great selection of art, t-shirts, and novelty products. Or better yet, go grab the cart and purchase their latest products.



  1. it's not a bad online retail shop. interesting product.


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