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And yes, I admire Patricia Rockwell's blog, Communication Exchange. Not the design though but the content of each post she writes. No wonder her blog was nominated for Best Educational Blog.

I keep on visiting this blog because it's informative and educational. Her blog's theme is on communication issues that I find it helpful for writers/bloggers, like me, to better improve their communication skills. Further, I rarely find any grammatical error, if there's any, unlike other blogs in the "blogosophere."

One of my favorite posts is Making Mistakes. Like her, I always make mistakes. No matter how hard I edit and proofread my work, there could still be grammatical errors or some typos that would arise in the future. But I'm willing to modify them, if necessary.

How about you? As a blogger, do you practice editing and proofreading before publishing your post?

Oh, by the way, Patricia is a retired teacher, just like my mom.

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  1. Love her blog too and I think most bloggers actually just wing it when they write unless they run a full-fledge website

  2. @kruel74... Yes, I think they do. But their posts can be read by thousands of people.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by. :)


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