Oh That Guy

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Every now and then, "a cause for a celebration" would arise in a company, in an office, or in school. And the best way to celebrate is to have a party or a social gathering. But what is a party without beers or alcoholic drinks, right? Oh, c'mon! I know you would agree with me, especially when you are still in college.

College parties are everywhere. You may see them held in a bar or in one's house. Same goes with fraternity parties, wild college parties, drunk college parties, or even real college party. But what is really interesting whenever there's a college party? Yes, drunken funny party animals doing crazy stuff, especially when it's a wild college party, where beers are unlimited.

And Tanked, who is a self-professed or self-proclaimed drunkard, created this creative yet informative (?) website called Ohthatguy.com. I do not know why he named his website that way. Well, maybe because he was still drunk when he developed it.

Nevertheless, it is a cool and interesting site for all you drunkards out there. Oh, no! It is not only for drunkards but also for people who just want to have fun. When I say fun, I meant seeing those people being drunk and doing crazy things. Just like those videos at Ohthatguy.com.

Tanked also shared some helpful tips on how to "cure" hangover. Those tips must have helped him in some ways. You should try them too.

But seriously, this site is a pretty serious one and Tanked just wants to have some fun. There are products you could purchase for all your partying needs, like the Mardi Gras Party Supplies. Let me remind you that Mardi Gras is coming very, very soon. Yes, soon like on February 27 and those Mardi Gras Party Supplies are "must-have" items.

Maybe if you will wear or use those Mardi Gras Party supplies someone would notice you and will say, "Oh That Guy."