Roti Mum: The Best Coffee Bun In Singapore Is Now In Davao

Hmmm… the delicious taste of a coffee bun. Bun, by the way, is a small bread roll and oftentimes sweetened. Roti Mum, the best coffee bun in Singapore, has filled the stomachs of Filipinos. Recently, it has opened its way to Davao and I had the chance to have a taste of the best coffee bun … in the Philippines. Also, Roti Mum has been acclaimed by the Sunday Times Singapore as the best coffee bun.

Outside and Inside
A smell of a coffee and a taste of a sweet bread… that's Roti Mum's best coffee bun. The outside part of the coffee bun is crispy enough to make a sound when you make a small bite. The soft part inside offers an enticing taste that makes you crave for more.

Avoid Take-Outs
My babe's friend suggested avoiding take-outs when you buy any of the Roti Mum's products. This is probably to preserve and enjoy the freshness of the coffee buns while they're still hot. Although, we ordered something for take-out, we still love the mouthwatering flavor of the coffee bun even when it's no longer fresh from the oven.

Hey, don't worry if you're on a low-fat diet because coffee bun of Roti Mum is less oily, ergo, healthier, so it's best for you as well.

Roti Mum's Davao Branch is located at SM Davao.

Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there… especially to my mom.

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  1. I find Kopi Roti a lot better than Roti Mum! ehehe

  2. I have never heard of this bread but it sounds delicious. Can one get it in the US? Do you make this bread or does it grow on trees like the picture on your blog? Just curious! These might sound like dumb questions, but I'm dead serious. I love coffee and I'm drinking some now and a piece of that bread would be great! Thanks for sharing this. I've learned something new already for the day.

    Friends 4 Life!

  3. EddieGarcia,

    Coffee Bun doesn't grow on trees. It is basically a bread. I think coffee bun is available at every coffee shop. It's really "mouthwatering.":)

    Reel Advice,

    Well, they both serve delicious coffee. :)

  4. That's really lots of bread shop name start with Roti xxxxxx, like Roti Boy, Roti Papa,..... So Roti Mum is it one of their family member?

  5. Cassey,

    I'm not sure but roti is, I think, a bread in India(?).

    Ty for dropping by.

  6. Im not here to say bad things about their product because honestly their product is good, but people who want to franchise please beware, they are not good business partners. they are better off doing the business alone instead of partnering with other people who might be victimized by their unprofessional ways. they are very good talkers and when you have paid them in full, their support goes bad! I do hope that the Franchisers Association of the Philippines first review all their previous franchisee before they accept their application.


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