Lawn Tennis…Anyone?

Lawn Tennis
I started playing lawn tennis again. Is it my way of venting my frustrations or healing the wound of my cardiovascular organ? Not necessarily. But I think I need to be out in the scorching heat of the sun often to generate vitamin D and to maintain my ideal weight in accordance with my height.

Lawn tennis involves a lot of running and strokes are different from badminton. The racquet for lawn tennis is heavier than the badminton's. This is the reason Steffi Graf or Maria Sharapova has wider shoulder and bigger arms.

Although the backhand stroke is said to be the weakness of almost all Filipino tennis players, my two-handed backhand stroke is better than my forehand stroke. And when I play lawn tennis, I am not inflammable, unlike Serena Williams who was penalized for showing tantrums over a foot fault.

But lawn tennis is not the sport of choice for people who are afraid of getting darker skin. However, you can still play this game without fear of 'transforming your white skin complexion' because lawn tennis can be played in a covered court. In Davao, the only covered court we have is in Dona Vicenta Subdivision, near Victoria Plaza.

As long as you enjoy playing lawn tennis, doesn't matter whether you will get tanned or not. What counts most is that you lose weight and gain friends.

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