Social Media And Its Role During the 2008 Election

Obama’s campaign during last year’s election utilized social media. Social media networks are media created to be distributed using social interaction. Furthermore, social media networks support the need of an individual for social interaction through the use of the Internet. It was a smart choice for President Barack Obama for choosing the web as his to way to reach millions of Americans worldwide.

He made use of inexpensive but powerful way of disseminating his future plans for the United States Of America. And his followers responded by generating buzz using social media. Because of that, Obama’s hits on the Internet were organic. Through social media, Obama became popular not just in the US but also in other countries.

A report called Obamanomics came out to study such wide success of social media in Obama’s campaign. The said report acceded to the fact that Obama’s way of reaching out to the American people changed the Internet landscape. Bloggers and fans worldwide showed their support for Obama through their own blogs, as well as the social media networks.

The victory of Obama has just proven the usefulness of social media in helping individuals achieved their goals. Through social media, you can promote your talents and skills or interact with other people with the same interests as you have. Socia media indeed made a difference to the lives of human beings.