Reader's Digest: My Comments Made It

I just found out that Reader's Digest has given me a different kind of birthday gift. Yes, little things give me enjoyment. That's why when I read my comment and name (full name) on the Interact department of Reader's Digest, my smile wouldn't die away while reading the rest of the articles featured in November 2009 issue of the widely-read magazine in Asia.

I know that this is considered non-essential, but it is essential for me. Not everyone has the chance for their comments or thoughts to be put into print in one of the most respectable magazines in the world—Reader's Digest.

This is not actually the first time that my comment was publicized in RD Asia/Philippines. I submitted four comments and one photo for Unseen Asia. Out of four, three of them were featured and one was not so lucky. Unfortunately, my entry for Unseen Asia, which was taken using D40x, did not make it. If it did, I would have a Xacti camera now. Hehe…

Your comments may also be published by going to And if you want to receive $100, you may want to submit original jokes, anecdotes and fillers to RD. And if you want higher payment ($350), then compose an article for My Story (unpublished personal stories) column.

As for me, RD did not give me any royalty but I receive a truly different kind of gift for my birthday. I think that's more than enough.

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