Visit New Zealand: It Is In My Top Ten Resolutions

What do Legend of the Seeker, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and Lord of the Rings have in common? They were filmed in New Zealand. And that’s where I want to go when time permits me.
Visit New Zealand

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Apart from its stupendous sceneries, New Zealand is not at all crowded, unlike the Philippines. With only 4 million people living in this place which is comparable to the size of Great Britain, it is a perfect sanctuary for me to relax.

People, who have been in and out of New Zealand, dubbed the place as an ideal year-round holiday destination.

New Zealand’s climate is quite tolerable with average maximum temperature that falls between 20-30 degrees Celsius in summer and between 10-15 degrees Celsius in winter. Like in the Philippines, the weather can change anytime.

To help me get to New Zealand, I need to find a travel agent first.

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