Portable Air Conditioner: How to Choose a Mobile Air conditioning Unit

The Philippines has a tropical climate. In other words, we always experience hot and humid weather. For that reason, most households have their own air conditioning unit installed. And I need one to cool the hot temperature encircling my room. But I do not want to rip part of my room's concrete wall just to get the cooling device installed. So, I am left with a better option—portable air conditioner.

As I made my research on how to choose the right portable air conditioner for my room, many experts tackle about BTU or British Thermal Units as one of the first things consumers (like me) need to consider. Basically, the higher the BTU, the better.

Water disposal is another consideration I need to look into when choosing for a perfect portable air conditioner for my "hot" room. Experts say, I should choose the one that suits my budget and preference. I have two options here: to opt for the one that recycles the water through the air or the portable air conditioner that has a tube used to dispose the water into a water tray. I think I would choose the former but a brand with cheaper price.

Apart from those factors mentioned above, I should not forget about looking for a portable air conditioner that has an energy efficiency label on it. According to experts, the higher the EER or energy efficiency ratio, the more efficient the conditioning unit is.

As for the other features, I will definitely go for the one that offers lower price.

I am still scouting around looking for the best priced-portable air conditioner that suits my preference.

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  1. Portable Air Conditioners are the most effective and easiest way of cooling in present days.

  2. A portable air con is useful especially for a family that can only afford one. It's almost as good as the regular air con but not as expensive to buy or to maintain

  3. Portable air conditioners are freestanding air conditioners that provide effective cooling in large to small spaces. These systems are also convenient to use because they mostly come with lots of user-friendly features like remote controls.

  4. where can i buy one portable ac?


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