Watchpad Livestream of Pacquiao-Margarito Fight

It was a 6/10 for PLDT’s Watchpad livestreaming of Pacquiao-Margarito fight yesterday.

I stopped all of my downloads and gave way to the livestreaming as suggested by Watchpad Team. The streaming was almost an A-Okay performance, if the sound was audible and the video was bearable.

As it turned out, we could barely hear what the commentators were saying while the fight was ongoing. Although the video was fuzzy, we could still see the grotesque face of Margarito starting on the 8th round (or was it 9th?).

Nonetheless, the free livestreaming gave us the chance to watch the fight (without the annoying ads) before it was aired on TV. But still, I lost the bet. Phew!

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