Yoga Pants for Yoga Sessions

I am planning to join in one of the Yoga “houses”in DC. That’s why I am in the market for Yoga pants.

Obviously, yoga pants are designed to be worn during a yoga session. What is good thing about this pair of pants is its versatility.  It can be used while performing other forms of exercise, like dance, aerobics and the like.

Another best feature of yoga pants is its being flexible. I need its flexibility so I can easily move in and perform the different yoga positions.

... and I have my eyes for this Yoga Classic Pant of Victoria’s Secret. It is made of spandex for added durability. But the price-- $29.50-- is not so attractive. I guess I just have to stick to my old leggings, huh!

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  1. To my European eyes that's not so expensive. I go by the CPW (Cost Per Wearing) when I buy anything. If you wore them to practise yoga regularly they would be a bargain and like you say they could be worn fo other sports...

  2. Hello Anji,

    It's still quite expensive for a pair of pants. If converted to PHP, it would cost me more than PHP 1,200. Still, it's an all-purpose pair of pants.

    Thanks for dropping by.


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