My Call Center Training Experience-I

It was my friend who persuaded me to apply. So I did, while waiting for my 'other job.'

I passed the interview.

It wasn’t clear to me that we're going to be trained as PSR (or was I not listening?) But I specifically stated "…IT…" not PSR on my application letter.

Anyway, on with the training…


On our very first day, anxiety was already infused in my system after seeing our trainer. She was a bit strict and kind of intimidating. I was hoping that I was with my friend's group because their trainer was somewhat more affable. (just an observation though)

ORIENTATION: We have to pass the "Oral Revalida" to qualify for technical skills training. Would it be another distressing training? I asked myself.

Trained to speak like an American… and I meant American English, with the accent and all.

Like: Inernational… Inernet… Rawer… Mowdem… Tsuweni … Sana Monica…

Don’t say: Hold on. Rather: Can I put you on hold? (how about brb?)

Some were 'trying hard.' Others spoke naturally. The rest were… never mind.

Oh, well… me? Hmm, I did try to speak like an American...naturally (does it make sense?).

After every session, my body was so tired from sitting all day long, listening to our trainer.
I always looked forward to break time. Further, it was so afflictive that I could hardly sleep.

My friend and I made a deal that if I couldn’t prepare that night, we won't attend the OR.

But I guess, Mother Nature really wanted me to be a PSR because even during my sleep, I still dreamed of it. So there, I woke up early in the morning, just to compose and memorize at least 25 states of the United States.

Anxiety, apprehension, dysphoria circulated in and out of my system (too much caffeine?).

I couldn’t remember anymore what had happened when I was in front of my co-trainees.

Maybe I was mortified. Maybe I wasn't.

Maybe she was impressed. Maybe she wasn’t. I didn’t know.

After hours of discomfort, finally it was over.

I know I mentioned earlier that our trainer was intimidating. Well, she turned out to be one of the nicest trainers in that company.

Really? Yup. Because she let me pass the OR. be continued


  1. Hi!

    I just read your post about call center training. I can't help but to comment because I can relate on your post. So how's your life in the call center to date? I would love to go back here and read more of your call center posts.

  2. Yea I know that this is true because I have a friend who was trained to speak American English as a part of their call center training. The only thing is Americans still know they're not native American speakers by the way they speak. Nahahalata pa rin dahil siguro hindi talaga ganyan ang lifestyle or everyday language ng mga call center agents. My husband and my bro-in-law says the same thing that they sound American English but there is really something that doesn't sound right.
    Ewan ko sa mga Kano na eto. Kaya ako di na ako nag-ta-try hard to speak like one of them kasi halata pa rin. I wanted to take some lessons on "accent removal" but my husband likes the way I speak. So hindi na lang.
    Good luck sa new job mo.God bless u!