Addicted to Google Sketchup: My New Pastime

Since I have learned how to “push/pull” in Sketchup, I cannot stop from making designs of almost anything-- from cabinet to bunk bed to floor plan. 

My unfinished cabinet

There are two versions of Sketchup: Google Sketchup and Sketchup Pro. I am using the former as it is a freeware. I am not an engineer or an architect, so I do not need the more capable Sketchup Pro.

With the free-downloadable version of Sketchup, I can already make a floor plan with interior design using its basic tools. The free version can export .dae file and .kmz file format of Google Earth.

I am new to Google Sketchup so I still have many things to learn, like how to properly use the component tool and rotate. Thankfully, there are sketchup tutorials that I can play every time I need help with my design.

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