Best Chocolate Gift for Anyone with Sweet Tooth

The best chocolate gift a person can give to his loved ones is gourmet chocolate. Whatever the occasion is, chocolate is the most ideal way to express love and sympathy, as well as create special bond among family and friends.

However, chocolates are not created equal. Some of them are just a confectionery treat while others are really made from cacao beans. They are true chocolates that have been fermented, dried, and grounded.

Best chocolate gifts for different types of people

When gifting someone with chocolate, you should always opt for the one that your recipient likes. However, if you do not know what he likes, then you might want to stick with what you enjoy.

  • Dark chocolate. This is the best chocolate gift for anyone who wants plain chocolate.
  • Unsweetened chocolate. If your recipient wants bitter taste, then this might be the best chocolate gift that you can purchase.
  • Milk chocolate. This is ideal for kids.
  • Bitter sweet chocolate. This is good for someone who likes liquor.
  • Semi-sweet chocolate. This is the best chocolate gift you can give for chocolate lovers who love to cook because it is often used for cooking. However, it should not be given to someone suffering from diabetes because of its high sugar content.
Popular types of chocolate
  • Chocolate-dipped fruit. This elegant and delicious type of chocolate is ideal for any occasion. It is easy to find and can be ordered online.
  • Truffles. One of the most popular chocolates in the world. They offer a wide variety of flavors. To ensure quality, you should ask for a sample before making a purchase.
  • Chocolate cakes. offers excellent choices for this type of chocolate.

Some of the chocolate bar brands made in the Philippines

  • Choco-Mallow. This is one of my favorite chocolates made in the Philippines. It may not be the best chocolate gift but it can surely satisfy the sweet cravings of anyone with sweet tooth.
  • Cloud Nine. It is made of caramel and peanuts wrapped in milk chocolate. I like it but not my favorite.
  • Goya. It is available in different varieties, like dark and milk chocolate.

The best chocolate gift that I want to receive is this Comfort Food Towers from 

Comfort Food Towers from

It includes caramel marshmallows, Bapchi’s caramel toffee, and organic peanut butter bonbons. 

Or this chocolate gift basket by Grand Ghirardelli available at

Grand Ghirardelli from

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