How to be Funny? -- Learning How to Create a Funny Joke

I submitted a joke to Reader's Digest hoping to be approved so I could receive $350. Unfortunately, the said joke was just thrown to trash (I presume). Now, I want to know how to be funny or how to create a funny joke that can really tickle the brain of the one reading it.

Unfortunately, being funny is not that easy. It takes hard work and a lot of practice in order to get it right. Thankfully, I have found some tips to help me write or come up with funny ideas.

  • Choose the comedy you are interested in. Do you want a sitcom script? How about a short story? Once you have chosen the kind of humor you want to work on, you should stick with it. Otherwise, you end up having confused audience. When thinking of the kind of comedy you want to write, you should consider what makes you laugh. Whatever type of funny ideas you pick, you should be consistent. 
  • Make use of conflict to help you on how to be funny. Some writers who write jokes tackle a conflict that is funny. For instance, you can write about guys who get mad at each other so they start smacking each other. Or you can talk about the ineptness of the government (Noy Noying?). 
  • Select the right words. Some funny words may not be appropriate in a certain situation. Therefore, you should choose your words carefully to help you create a funny joke. Also, avoid telling jokes that you do not understand. 
Writing funny jokes is challenging indeed. Perhaps, I have not selected the right words for the joke I previously submitted to Readers Digest. I will try one more time and see if my it will be published.

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