What is Gmail? -- Tips on How to Maximize Its Tools

What is Gmail? It is a powerful tool that offers useful features that can topple other email utilities. It is robust enough that can overwhelm some users.

Here are some tips and tricks provided by some experts to help you save time in using it and assist you in organizing your life.

  • Create custom labels. This is one of the most useful tools of Gmail that allows you to organize your emails. It lets you set up custom labels to organize all incoming mails. You can make a label for your family, friends, work, travel, etc. There is no limit in creating labels. 
  • Use Filters. At first, this tool of Gmail can be very difficult to understand. But when you start using it, you can go nuts with it. Filters are used to "filter" incoming messages and place them to the appropriate label you have created. 
  • Prompt to attach files. This is what I like about this email utility. When sending emails in a hurry, sometimes, you may forget to send attachments. It will be very unprofessional of you if you are sending a business email and forgot the required attachment. Gmail's Attach Alerter works if you typed in "attach/attached" in the body of your email and you did not attach anything. 
  • Forward emails automatically. This is another useful feature of what is Gmail. It allows you to forward specific emails to another account. You may use this feature to backup any Gmail messages. 
  • Avoid unauthorized access to your account. This email utility has a feature that lets you know if someone is peeking into your Inbox. Just click on "Details" located at the bottom of the screen in your Gmail account. Click on "Sign out all other sessions."
Do you have other tips and tricks about what is Gmail? Shoot me an email or just leave a comment. 

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