How to Stop Smoking: 6 Ways That Can Help You To Quit

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Learning how to stop smoking is a big step for you towards good health. Unfortunately, quitting this habit is not that easy to do. Listed below are tips that may somehow help you on how to quit smoking.
  1. Understand why you need to stop. You cannot just quit smoking without knowing the real reason for it. You must stop this habit because it is not good for your health. To further motivate you into quitting, you must find a good reason to stop. How about lung cancer? Does it frighten you? Whatever your reason is, it must be strong enough to help you succeed in learning how to stop smoking. 
  2. Try therapy. One of the most popular ways that can help you stop smoking is to use nicotine-replacement therapy. This kind of therapy can reduce the risk of feeling depressed or irritable while you are on your way to quitting. According to studies, such therapy can double your chances of winning.
  3. Avoid the cold turkey attitude. In a study conducted, it was found out that 95% of smokers who tried to quit without the use of medication or therapy failed and ended up into a state of relapse. Going cold turkey only allows yourself to suffer from the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. 
  4. Do not do it alone. Ask support from your family, friends and colleagues. They can offer you the support that you need to help you on how to stop smoking. Keep in mind that going to do it alone is more difficult than having a team to help you out. 
  5. Discard lighters, ashtrays and cigarettes
  6. Handle stress. One of the reasons people do smoke is that the act of smoking allows them to relax. When they quit, they will need something that can help them cope with stress. Therefore, you must try to avoid stressful situations while you are on the road to quitting. 
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