Friday, November 29, 2013

Walmart For Black Friday 2013 Deals – Find Out How You Can Grab One Special Items At Low Price

The ad flyer of Walmart for Black Friday 2013 was released by the company through its official site this November. Each flyer varies from one store to another. Thus, it’s essential that you find the local store that you’re wishing to shop for to find appropriate Walmart Black Friday deals.

It also announced its plans to offer several deals, like manager specials and other deals for top gifts. Walmart will hold its events at 6 and 8 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Then, it’ll continue at 8 am on Friday.

Its customers can look forward to more tablets, televisions and other computer gadgets as its popular Black Friday items. According to the giant retailer, it’ll give its shoppers more products at lower prices.

Events you should be looking forward to:

One-Hour Guarantee
As the term suggests, selected items will be given lowest prices within a one-hour period. If you’re at certain line between 6 pm and 7 pm, you can purchase top gifts at very low prices.


Wristbands will be given to customers while you shop and wait for hottest items, such as Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4. This is how the wristband works. Before the one-hour guarantee event, you’ll have to be at the designated line where the products you like to purchase are displayed and the wristbands are secured. While you wait for the 6 pm event, you can go to the other areas of the store. You just have to come back to that line after the event starts to kick so you can pick the items you wish to purchase. 

Top 5 Turkey Killer Gravy Recipes

Every Thanksgiving, Americans serve turkey on their table. Although you can make a juicy turkey recipe, it’ll still come up dry. To alleviate that, most Americans do serve gravy on the table. You may think that the big chicken is the most important thing on the table but gravy can make every food you serve be tastier.

As you browse from one site to another, you’ll find several killer gravy recipes. But according to experts on this topic, to create killer gravy, you’ll only need a few simple ingredients. However, the outcome will still depend on how you tackle the ingredients you’ve bought.

Here’s the top 5 killer gravy recipes that you can try to make your turkey be tastier and more mouthwatering.

This one is great if you love garlic. It’s very simple but it’ll offer you tasty gravy. It’s not that messy so it’s perfect if you serve it with mashed potatoes.

You may think that apple cider is only great for vegetable salads. But it’s not. In this recipe, Joshua will teach you how to make gravy for your turkey using apple cider as the main star.

If you’re allergic to all gluten foods, then this might give you a breath of relief as you can still have a slice of turkey on your plate and pour a teaspoon of this gluten-free gravy. This recipe includes unsalted butter, rice flour and skimmed juices.

As the title suggests, it includes herbs, onions and garlic. It doesn’t include homemade stock or pan drippings but it’s still a mouthwatering gravy overall.

This one includes onion, vegetable oil, fresh mushrooms, salt, ground nutmeg, white pepper, fresh parsley, bay leaf, homemade stock, all-purpose flour and nutritional yeast. It’s true that it’s ideal vegan. But it’s not dull as you think. Rather, it’s full of rich flavor because of its mushroom and yeast. 

NFL – 3 Dates Announced For London Games

As part of the International Series in 2014, NFL has announced 3 dates for its regular season matches. All of them will be played at the Wembley Stadium.

It’ll be California versus Florida on September 28 as the first match. Said match will be in week 4 of the season.

The second match is on October 26 and will be played between the Falcons and the Lions. Then, it’ll be followed by Cowboys and Jaguars on November 9 in week 10 of the season.
As previously mentioned, each of these games will be played at the Wembley Stadium in London.

The tickets will be on sale on Tuesday, December 3 until Thursday, December 5. However, the tickets will only be available to fans that already purchased International Series season tickets.

Don’t worry. All NFL fans can purchase season tickets on December 10 at 10 am.

Since the International Series started in 2007, it has been a huge success. According to NFL, the average crowds in 2007 were 82,500. But the audience continues to grow. Since its inception, the popularity of NFL has grown having a fan base of over 12 million people. Experts are seeing a 30% increase, which has now reached 2.5 million people.

In the UK alone, the viewing figures have doubled for all Sunday games. Super Bowl, on the other hand, has a growth of about 75%.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mega Millions, Frozen Musical, Dr. Happy Thanksgiving And Brining Turkey: Top 4 Stories You Must Know Today

Here are the things you shouldn’t miss today:
1. Mega Millions Bit-Jackpot Game Is Back

Yup, yup, yup… all those who want to become an instant millionaire can join in the mega millions big-jackpot game. For Friday’s drawing, the draw can reach up to $240 million. The amount is the biggest in 20 months. The cash will be given can be up to $125 million.

Tuesday’s drawing will be different but it’ll still produce $5 million for the winner. Although no one matched every number that has been drawn last Tuesday night, there were five tickets that won the first five numbers.

There was one ticket that won $5 million and it came from Texas. The state of New York had two winners and each will receive $1 million. Florida had one winner, as well as Illinois. Last Friday night, a ticket from North Carolina won $3 million.

Compared before, the Mega Millions jackpot could easily grow because the odds of winning the prize are tougher, i.e. 1 chance in every 259 million. The Powerball’s jackpot, on the other hand, has $60 million. Currently, the Mega Millions has a bigger edge than the Powerball.

2. Frozen Musical Comes Up Cold

Frozen is an adaptation of Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. Unfortunately, the classic animated musicals didn’t come up well.  It could be caused by the unexpected plot twists and lackluster humor.

On the brighter note, Frozen has modernized the Disney princess. Thus, you’d expect to find all the stereotypes in this musical. It didn’t only focus on the only person who can save the princess, i.e. the prince. It also tackles the type of love powered by a bond between sisters.

Although the story didn’t capture the hearts of every viewer, the animation was perfect and beautifully made. You’d find gorgeous ice palace and the castle of the queen. They’d all remind you of the early days of Disney. The crystalline snowflake had a 3D pop and all of its characters were beautifully drawn. It was the weak screenplay that made it lifeless and wooden, as described by some of its viewers.

Overall, Frozen will still appeal to young girls.

3. Would You Name Your Kid Happy Thanksgiving?

I’d like to meet you Dr. Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds. Yup, that’s her name. She was born during said holiday. Her parents are described as hippies so they gave their daughter a very unorthodox name.

Her unique name wasn’t a hindrance in her practice. In fact, according to her, it has helped her work in family medicine dealing with plenty of kids. For her, the name makes people at ease with her and her patients become super comfortable when she’s around.

4. Want to know how to brine your turkey?

For most of the Americans who are celebrating Thanksgiving Day, brining their turkey can be a bit daunting and challenging. Having crisp skin that’s honey browned with tender and juicy meat. That’s what everybody wants to serve.

There are several techniques and methods being suggested by experts. You can go with roasted turkey or grilled one. But the most recommended method by some experts is roasting and brining. These methods allow the juices to say intact and let it flow when you’ll slice it. It works all the time.

Recipes for brining turkey utilize different seasonings and liquids, instead of focusing on basic salt water solution or just plain salt. For wet brines, you’ll need fruit juices, wine, beer and ciders. You can season it using white or brown sugars along with herbs, spices and some aromas. If you opt for dry brines, however, you may include other seasonings and herbs but don’t forget to add salt. Use orange juice to make it tastier, juicier and more mouthwatering. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pwnie Express, Ian Watkins, Brandon Browner and Lara Logan: Top Stories Of Today

Here’s a list of top three things that you must be aware of today.
1. Pwnie Express Is Opening Its Headquarters In Boston
One of the most popular security software that first launched in Vermont has recently announced about its headquarters in Boston within the Innovation District. The company has a newly appointed CEO – Paul Paget. The said headquarter is now headed by the new CEO, along with its two new employees. The company also announced that they’ll need additional 12 employees in 2014.

With the new headquarter in Boston, Express will now have the chance to cater to its growing customer demand. Although it has already a headquarter in Boston, the company’s manufacturing operating and its research and development will stay in Vermont.
Currently, there are over 1,000 businesses that utilize Pwnie Express. These businesses are related to finance, manufacturing and health.

2. Ian Watkins Is Guilty

Is Ian Watkins a pedophile? Unfortunately, he did plead guilty to several sex offences. He did admit of attempting to rape a baby. Although he pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault and rape about a child, he didn’t admit of raping the child.

Furthermore, he admitted that he got involved with possessing of indecent images of children. He also admitted of possessing a pornographic image of a child performing sex on an animal.

His laptop was password protected. But the obscene images of sexual activity with children were uncovered by the GCHQ.

What’s more disturbing is the fact that he did film a few episodes of abuse that took place in several hotels in UK. These films were also recovered by the police.
The sentencing will be carried on December 18, 2013.

Ian Watkins is the lead vocalist of Lostprophets, a Welsh rock band.

3. Lara Logan Is Suspended

When it comes to journalism, you must know the facts and report the truth. Unfortunately, Lara Logan didn’t heed to this advice. CBS has suspended her, along with her producer, because of the erroneous information she made on her 60 minutes report regarding the attack on a US diplomatic post in Libya. Logan took the source from a security contractor, who was discredited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Later, she called it a mistake for trusting her source.

CBS found that Lara’s team didn’t do a thorough investigation about what has been provided to them by a security contractor.

4. Brandon Browner May Face A 1-Year Suspension

It looks like Seattle’s Seahawk’s cornerback won’t be playing for one year as he’ll face suspension on the grounds of violating the league’s policy on substance abuse. But the CB has filed an appeal and hoping the charges will be dropped.

Last season, he was also suspended for using a performance-enhancing substance. This year, he’s now facing another suspension of his violation against the league’s PED policy.
Brandon denied the reports on Twitter.

As regards to players facing a suspension, Brandon Browner isn’t the only player of Seahawk to face this issue. Walter Thurmond will be suspended and won’t be able to play four games because he violated the abuse substance policy of the NFL. He’s now planning to drop an appeal so he can play for the postseason. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Aaron Murray And His Torn ACL – Will Undergo Surgery

Uh oh, looks like Georgians won’t be able to see their senior quarterback in action this season. According to reports, Aaron Murray will be undergoing surgery this week. This is in connection with a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). This type of surgery needs repairing and reconstructing of the ACL. The sad report has been provided by his school.

His mother, Lauran Murray, also took it to Facebook about her son’s injury and upcoming surgery on Tuesday.
He injured his knee last Saturday after winning against Kentucky. According to the representative of his school, Aaron Murray has been evaluated by the school’s physicians on Sunday.

The surgery will be performed immediately because the swelling in his knee was just minimal. Most of the time, this type of surgery requires at least 10 days before the operation is conducted. But because his case was just minimal, his doctors want him to undergo such operation immediately.
Although his case isn’t that serious, his collegiate career will have to end. Despite that, he’s still considered as the leading passer having 121 touchdowns. He began by playing 52 consecutive games for Georgia. He nearly led his team to the SEC title. His team almost had the chance to obtain the national title last year but they fell 5 yards short during their game against Alabama.

When he returned, he almost had a shot at the NFL draft. However, it didn’t work out the way he planned to. Although Murray is a good player and he performs well all the time, his team has to suffer several injuries. As a result, they lost the SEC race because of their consecutive losses against Missouri and Vanderbilt in October.

His mother might have told Aaron Murray’s fans through Facebook about his condition. However, Aaron, himself, didn’t confirm the report. But he did say that his medical condition was mildly serious.

He thanked his fans through Twitter for their prayers. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

College Board Allows 5 Schools To Increase Tuition

Good news for the 5 public universities in Mississippi as their petition to increase their tuition fees have been approved by the College Board for the next two academic years. This was done after the petition has been approved in October.

But this is sad news for parents and students as they need to make a huge adjustment to their daily/monthly/annual budget for college education.

The average increase is expected to rise about 2.8 percent in fall of 2014. Then, in 2015, the average tuition fee could rise 3% to $6,703.

If you’re studying at the Delta State University, Mississippi University for Women or Mississippi Valley State University, you don’t have to worry about your college funds as these schools didn’t plan to increase their fees over the next two academic years.

However, the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University are both raising their tuition fees by 5% or more every year. These two colleges and the University of Southern Mississippi could charge their students above $7,000 by the year 2015.

But the College Board encourages the government to come up with college savings account specific for low-income children. According to several studies, they found out that a family that focused on their kids’ education early could increase their chances of sending their kids to college. This proposal of the Board should be the goal of every family.

Even though you belong to the low-income family, you still have the right resources to save for your kids’ college tuition fees. Unfortunately, for some families in this category, they don’t save for said purpose. This is especially true for immigrant families who send back their money to their relatives in their home countries, instead of saving their income for their children’s education.

But this challenge by the College Board doesn’t go far enough as the control of the Pell Grant is in the hands of the government. Families aren’t able to add or withdraw from their accounts. Thus, they must open a savings account separately.

However, if your parents have saved enough for your college, the approval of the College Board wouldn’t greatly affect you. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Google Drive and QuickOffice Integration Allows Automatic Link

Google acquired the robust and most popular office suite application available on Play Store known as QuickOffice. Last September 2013, it has made the service free for Android and iOS users. Recently, its development team has pushed its major update (and I love it). Its integration with Google Drive has been dramatically improved. The team fixed the bugs and provided improvements when it comes to stability.

The Quickoffice of Google allows users to open their Google Docs, Sheets and Slides files in the Drive app. But this will only work when both apps are installed on the same device. This means that the Google Drive and Quickoffice must be present on your iPhone, iPad, and other Android and iOS devices.

The enhancements were made after the app has been “refreshed” in September. Currently, its users can store 10MB of files free of charge.

With the use of this free app, you can create and edit your Microsoft Office documents, presentations and spreadsheets using your Android or iOS phone and tablet. All you’ve to do is to sign in with your Google Account. Your account is needed so you can save your work in Google Drive and access your files anywhere you are.

This is one of the most popular word-processing programs on Android. In fact, it has a user base of more than 5 million people worldwide. It has a fully-functional copy of Microsoft Office letting you create, view, delete and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files that are stored locally or located in the cloud.

Unlike other office suite applications on Android and iOS, Quickoffice doesn’t compromise the formatting.

With the integration of Google Drive and Quickoffice, your files can now be seen in your Drive while still allowing you to have full access to your QuickOffice suite using its standalone app. Because it can be accessed from Google Drive, you no longer have the need to manually link your Google Account and Quickoffice in order to find the file you want to work on.

The latest update of said app is now available on Google Play. And if you’re wondering about the rate, then you need not worry about it as it’s available for free. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Miss Universe 2013 Grand Final

It wasn’t really a sad night for Miss Philippines, Ariella Arida, even though she wasn’t crowned as the Miss Universe 2013. It was Miss Venezuela, Gabriela Isler, who took home the grand prize.

Grabriela is a television presenter who defeated Ariella, a chemistry-graduate from UP Los Banos. There were 84 other contestants who were vying for the title and the show was watched by millions of viewers around the world. Unfortunately, not all Filipinos in the Philippines weren’t able to see it live because it was shown early in the morning and most of us are still reeling from the strong typhoon the hit our nation.

The highlight of the Miss Universe 2013 Grand Final was the final question and answer round. Unlike in the past, the final question isn’t the same to all contestants, which could greatly affect the overall result.

If the result were only based on the final Q&A, Miss Philippines could have won the title.

Question: What can be done about the lack of jobs for young people starting their career around the world?
Miss Philippines’ Answer: I do believe we should invest in education and that is my primary advocacy. Education is a primary source and a ticket for better future.

Compared with Miss Venezuela’s answer to her final question:

Question: What’s your biggest fear and how to you plan to overcome it?
Miss Venezuela: We should overcome all our fears and this in turn would make us stronger. As soon as we overcome our fears, we can face any challenge.

The final show was hosted by Thomas Roberts and Melanie Brown (ex-member of Spice Girls). The two hosts said that the show was dedicated to the people who were ravaged by the typhoon Hyaian (Yolanda) in the Philippines.

Last year’s Miss Universe’s winner, Olivia Culpo, was present during the coronation night (as required). She wore a white cutaway swimsuit that has diamonds, rubies and emeralds. According to organizers, those stones are worth a million dollars. That’s why Thomas Roberts commented that such “swimsuit travels with an armed security guard, 24/7.”

This year’s winner, Isler, will be wearing the same swimsuit on Sunday.

Here’s the list of winners for the Miss Universe 2013:

Miss Universe 2013: Gabriela Isler from Miss Venezuela
2nd Runner-Up: Constanza Baez of Ecuador
3rd Runner-Up: Ariella Arida of the Philippines

4th Runner-Up: Jakelyne Oliveira of Brazil

Friday, November 08, 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan Wreaks Havoc To The Philippines

Currently, the Philippines is fighting against the damaging effects of the strongest storm ever recorded – Haiyan or Yolanda. It’s now hitting central islands of the country. Thousands of people have been forced to safer ground. Some power and phone lines have been cut. Air and sea transportation units are grounded.

Haiyan or Yolanda is considered as a category 5 typhoon having winds of up to 275 kilometers per hour. With this speed, it can whip up giant waves to as high as 5 meters. This means that it may lash some islands of Leyte and Samar.

Some people there feared that the sea would rise because of the powerful winds caused by Haiyan. Those trees that are in coastal areas have fallen. More than a million people in 20 provinces are seeking shelter in several areas as they were asked to evacuate danger areas, like mountain slopes, coastal areas and river banks.

According to Jeff Masters, a former meteorologist, Haiyan or Yolanda may be the most extreme typhoon in the history but it is a fast-moving storm. This means that it won’t be that bad. Furthermore, the Philippines is already used to flooding from heavy rain.

Haiyan isn’t only the strongest storm this year but it’s among the top 12 largest storm to ever hit the planet.

It has already ripped almost all roofs in north of Cebu. Plus, it dragged parked cars and motorcycles. Those cars with handbrakes but hasn’t been set were pushed by winds caused by this super storm. There’s zero visibility at Mandaue Bridge making it a lot more difficult to drive. Some residents are seeking shelter anywhere, even a small chapel is used as an evacuation site.

A few weeks ago, central Philippines was hit by a strong earthquake that caused severe damage to several areas. Those houses that haven’t been affected by the earthquake are now severely smashed.

After the Philippines, the storm will later hit Vietnam and Laos. Every year, the Philippines experiences an average of 20 typhoons. Last year, Bopha or Pablo flattened some towns in southern island of Mindanao, which rarely happened. The estimated damage was $1.04 billion. With this super typhoon, we’ll be expecting an estimated damage of more than a billion pesos. 

Fortunately, our nation is resilient. 

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games: Catching Fire Has A New Haircut – Pixie Do

I thought Jennifer Lawrence was just wearing a wig when she showed up during the Google Plus Hangout a few hours ago. But based on various reports, it wasn’t a wig after all. She’s now sporting a new haircut, i.e. shorter do. And I love it.

Well, it’s a pixie do that accentuates her beautiful face. I’ve been reading a lot of this haircut lately, like Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, and Pamela Anderson. These celebrities have been spotted sporting shorter hair over the last few months.

But what was her reason to cut her beautiful lock into a shorter do?

At first, she joked that she just wanted to make her director, Francis Lawrence, mad. But she later said that her hair was damaged because of too much dye. Yup. She dyed her hair during Hunger Games. Then, she went back to being blonde for another movie.

For me, no matter what the color of her hair is or how short it is, she still looks stunning. I’m very much excited to see her reprising the role of Katniss Everdeen on Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It’s a sequel to its 2012 film The Hunger Games. I’ve already read the three books. The first Hunger Games didn’t thoroughly reveal what had been written in the book. So, if you haven’t read the book, you might not understand as to why there’s Hunger Games.

A lot of people are saying that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t a good pick because she’s “fat.” But I think she’s the perfect actress to play the role of Katniss Everdeen. She’s proven her acting ability when she won Best Actress for her part on Silver Linings Playbook. I’d say she was great in that film.

I also managed to see her new haircut while she was trying out the Google Glass. Ugh! I’m so jealous of her. She’s just one of the few people who have tried it. I wish I could share the animated GIF of Jen with her new hair but I don’t think it’d work here on Blogger. But you can go to G+ and search for it.

So, what do I think of Jennifer Lawrence new hair? I’d say, she looks fabulous. She looks even prettier with it. And I can't wait for Catching Fire to come out. 

George Strait – 2013 CMA’s Entertainer of the Year Winner

After 20 years, George Strait has finally won the Entertainer of the Year during the CMA Awards. It wasn’t his first, however. He won this same award about two decades ago. But his win this year might be his final win. He’s been in the business for 30 long years and he might finally put this year as his final tour.

The Country Music Association gave George Strait the 2013 Entertainer of the Year award and George was truly humbled.

It was Robin Roberts who announced his name. It was a teary moment for everyone when the other nominees were seen rising and standing from their seats in excitement as George Strait stayed in his spot.

Keith Urban was also present during the award’s night and he leapt up while pumping the air with his fists. Eric Church was also seen heartily clapping. Every one present in that scene was showing his/her appreciation for the contribution of George to the country music.
When George Strait was finally on stage delivering his speech, he thanked everyone, especially his wife, the other nominees, his son, and his little grandson.

He defeated younger nominees, like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton. This award will surely be even more meaningful to him as he’s now moving to a retirement stage.

Although it was George who took home the Entertainer of the Year, it was Blake Shelton (again) who got the Album of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year awards. But George’s win was the top prize. It wasn’t his first. In fact, he has already won 17 CMA awards throughout his career.

He was first recognized in 1981. This year, he released his 27th album called Love is Everything.

Although Taylor Swift didn’t win the Entertainer of the Year award, she did take the Pinnacle Award, which is given to artist who helped spread country music to a greater audience. She also received a video tribute from fellow singers, like Mick Jagger and Justin Timberlake.

The 2013 CMA Awards was hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. Although the Entertainer of the Year trophy is the highest award given to country singers, other nominees felt like it was okay to lose, especially when the winner is George Strait. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Rest in Peace Charlie Trotter

Charlie Trotter, who was a self-taught chef, was found unconscious in his Lincoln Park home. But he was pronounced dead in the hospital.

Charlie had a reputation of elevating Chicago’s cuisine by providing a training ground for those who want to be a chef.

According to the rescue crews who went to Charlie’s house, someone called the Chicago Fire Department around 10 am from his Lincoln Park home. The crews attempted to revive him while they transported his body to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. But the attempts were unsuccessful.

The Cook County medical examiner was already notified. The autopsy of Charlie’s body was being scheduled.

He was a gourmet chef in Chicago. In fact, he had earned 10 James Beard Awards. He also trained other best-known chefs, such as Grant Achatz, who is a fellow Beard Award winner.

His restaurant earned two stars when the Michelin Guide launched in Chicago.
According to the people who have eaten at his diner, Charlie was very innovative and focused with the food he was able to produce. When he opened his eatery, he was very original. His customers could taste the perfection and innovation.

It was in 1987 when he was recognized as a self-taught chef. He then opened his restaurant called Charlie Trotter found on Armitage Avenue. He was the most talked-about chef in Chicago because of his intense creativity. After people realized his creativity, he became famous and his fame quickly spread all around Chicago and across the country.

1999 - He became the Outstanding Chef by James Beard Foundation

2000 – His Charlie Trotter restaurant was named as the best restaurant in the nation by the Wine Spectator magazine.

2002 – His restaurant received Beard Award for Outstanding Service. For Charlie, it was the best award he had ever received because it offered great value for his team.

He wasn’t only the best in cooking but Charlie Trotter was also very generous by creating his Charlie Trotter Education Foundation that aims to provide scholarship for students who want to be a chef. Because of his effort, he received the Humanitarian of the Year award by James Beard Foundation.

His family was aware that Charlie Trotter had brain aneurysm. He knew that he didn’t have enough time left because his condition was inoperable.
May you rest in peace Charlie Trotter.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Shakuntala Devi – Celebrating The Birthday Of A Math Genius

Today is the 84th birthday of the late Shakuntala Devi. Shakun… who?

In celebrating the 84th birthday of the human computer, Google made a doodle featuring Shakuntala Devi. The doodle shows Google written in the same way as the digits on a calculator.

Who was she again?
She was referred as the human computer because of her outstanding mathematical ability. She could instantly make complex calculations without using a calculator. In fact, she was featured in the Guinness Book of World Record for her outstanding mathematical ability. She also wrote several books related to math.

Do you have a problem remembering or telling the day of the week in the last century?
With Shakuntala Devi, she could you give you an instant answer without referring to books or calendars.

Discovery of her talent
She was the daughter of a circus performer. Her talent was discovered while she was playing cards with her father at the age of three. Her father then realized how outstanding her daughter was when it comes to mathematical calculations.

Her calculation abilities were the reason she defeated her father while playing cards. She memorized the cards to beat him. While she was staying at the University of Mysore, she demonstrated her exemplary calculation skills during her first major public performance.

Adult life
Shakuntala Devi did not lose her mathematical genius when she became adult. In fact, she was able to extract the 23rd root of 201-digit number using only her mind. Then, in 1980, she was able to demonstrate her multiplication skills by multiplying two 13-digit numbers. She answered correctly within 28 seconds. No calculator, whatsoever.

Her death
Earlier this year, she died of respiratory problems. She was 83 then.

The latest Doodle of Google marks her 84th birthday. But this doodle isn’t all about celebrating the life of Shakuntala Devi but it’s also about informing people regarding important characters and events in our lives that some people might not be aware of. She will surely be remembered for her efforts in making mathematics a cool subject.

For those who hate math (like me), may we be inspired by Shakuntala Devi’s works. Mathematics may not be for everyone but we need it for our daily activities. 

Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween – 8 Last-Minute Costumes For All Saint’s Day

Have you waited until Halloween to find a costume? Or are you just one of those people who are nonchalant to try?

Here’s a list of costumes that you can try. They’re very easy to do. Plus, they won’t ruin your childhood or piss people around you. With minimal effort, they can offer you instant costume and scowl your way up to party that requires attendees to have a costume for the occasion.

If you want to be a cat on Halloween, then dress something tight and smooth. Keep in mind that all cat costumes don’t have the fat that real cats have. To have those whiskers, you just need to apply liquid eyeliner. Or you can just put fake cat ears. That’d surely do the trick.

What you’ll need for this Halloween costume are shower cap, oversized shirt. If you have a laboratory gown, then that’d better as it could tickle the imagination of the people around you.

In here, you’ll only need a cotton robe and a tie under. Then, wear some fake glasses. And don’t forget the stick that you can carry around. Remember, you’re a wizard. And not just a wizard. You’re Harry Potter.
What you’ll need? Sweatshirt and pants. They must be grey. Black buttons, scissors, hot glue gun and round cardboard.

Yes, wearing clothes that were once popular in the 90s are also good fit as a Halloween costume. You just need a flannel shirt and ill-fitting jeans. Then, go out and unleash your inner 90s spirit.

Being a farmer once in a while is a good way to show that you feel the spirit of the Halloween. To don this costume, you need boots, oversized sunhat, and a plaid shirt. Make sure that your boots are not new.

This one is simple. In here, you’ll wear satin sleep mask, a pajama set, and a pair of knit slippers, like those UGG Cozy Knit slippers.

Remember the outfit she wore on her music video “Baby One More Time”? You can have it as a Halloween costume by donning Oxfort shirt, ties, cardi, skater skirt, braided bra and knee sock.

With these costumes, you can easily impress your friends without having to spend a few hours of your time preparing for your Halloween party. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nnamdi Asomugha Will Be A Dad

Another baby bump people are going to watch. This time it’s of Kerry Washington. The Scandal actress is expecting her first child with hubby Nnamdi Asomugha, the Nigerian-American NFL player.

Although the two married secretly on June 24, 2013, they might not be able to keep this news private. According to sources, the couple is ecstatic about the news.

How long?
A friend of the actress said that she’s about four months pregnant. So, first it was their wedding last summer. Then, this time it’s the baby on the way.

Nnamdi Asomugha and Kerry Washington met and dated in 2012. Then, a year after, they got married in a small ceremony held in Hailey Idaho on June 24th.

Remains Quiet
Kerry likes to keep her personal life private as public display of her private life doesn’t suit her (anymore). She said that when she did talk about her life before, it turned out badly.

Although the baby news has been out, Kerry may remain to be quiet about this news and not talk about it. She and hubby just want to let it unfold itself. She wanted to nurture her relationship with her hubby out of the spotlight. (That’s a good thing, unlike other celebrities who display their affection to the public; even though we know they’re heading to Splistville.)

Nnamdi Asomugha is considered by many as a colossal disappointment when it comes to football. But many people will be delighted to find out that he can do something that he can be proud of, i.e. to be a dad.

According to a person close to Asomugha, the CB and the actress didn’t plan this to happen. But then again, it happened.

What’s Asomugha’s reaction?
No one ever knows as he’s very aloof.

Will this affect Washington’s character on Scandal?
It might. Olivia Pope getting pregnant might be a perfect plot twist. But who’s going to play the baby daddy? We can’t be sure.

So, what of Nnamdi Asomugha’s future?

He’ll be a dad, for one. Pretty sure he’ll have a great time taking care of Kerry as his team, 49ers bid farewell this week. Whew!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy National Cat Day – It’s Your Day, Garfield!

It's National Cat Day!

I’m not really an avid fan of cats but hey it’s National Cat Day!

Okay, kittens and cats. It’s your day today. I’ll be more forgiving. But I still can’t forgive the cat that stole our food a few years ago.

In line with today’s event, Uber, an application that you can use to order a taxi or a SUV to pick you up at a certain location, is also celebrating National Cat Day. The company added Kittens! on its list of items that you can order.

If you’ve $20 to spare, you can ask the company to deliver a kitten that you can snuggle for about 15 minutes. But the service is very limited. It’s only available in Seattle, New York and San Francisco.

Is it a scam?
The company does it for the animal shelter in each city previously mentioned. It partnered with Cheezburger to collect fees for the development of animal shelters.

The celebration of Cat’s Day made it difficult to score a kitten using this app. Some people are concerned about this event saying that transporting kittens from one place to another can be stressful to them. They even considered it as cruel. But most of those who could get the idea, they just laughed at the promotion of Uber.

The first National Cat Day was celebrated in 2005. Its aim was to express the love of cats and to find homes for cats living in shelter homes. With the birth of social media, our feline friends have finally trumped dogs in the battle against the most popular animal online.

But why do people love cats?
They’re cute. Well, most of them. Remember Snoopybabe from China? It’s adorable.

They know how to look superior. Grumpy Cat that won lifetime achievement award in Friskies awards in New York. It became a legend on the Internet because of how it looks – always annoyed. With its popularity, it scored a lucrative deal with Friskies. Lucky cat!

Does everybody love cats?

I don’t love them but I don’t hate them. They’re adorable. But not all people are cat lovers. Some of them said that they are a true nightmare in real life, though perfect for the Internet. Others, however, are really lovers of cats. In fact, they want each day to be National Cat Day. For them, they are more beautiful and they don’t smell bad as dogs do. 

For me, I think this one is the cutest:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Apple Inc (AAPL) Numbers Low – Company Is Still A Favorite

Apple Inc. (AAPL) numbers are out. And their investors are happy as the result is good.
People expected this company to go down the same way as Microsoft hit the bottom. Unfortunately, this company knows how to control the market and here they are, getting ahead of the game.

Its products are ahead of people’s expectations, especially its iPhone sales. Although its iPad isn’t getting enough money, the numbers aren’t too bad.

What Does The Company Say About Its Products
1. New products in 2014
Next year, we’ll be expecting new products from this company. According to Tim Cook, the company has more than enough skilled individuals to make innovative hardware, software and services that can topple other companies, like Microsoft. With that in mind, Apple (AAPL) earnings will still be high, we’ll expect that.

2. More and more iPad
Nope. They’re not giving free iPad. But the company will continue to improve this product. But people who are aiming for iPad Air may have a hard time getting it.

3. More Mac
We’ll expect to see more Mac products to be released a month from now.

iPad Sales Lowered
Apple Inc. (AAPL) admitted that the sales of their iPad aren’t encouraging to some people. But for them, the numbers are already good enough to make new models in the months or years to come. According to the company, it has sold more than 170 million of iPad earlier of this month. In 2014, the company is expected to ship 78.8 million iPads. The number will increase every year.  

Still A Favorite
Despite its decline, Apple Inc. (AAPL) is still a favorite. But it’ll continue to face decline. Thanks to its rivals Google Inc (GOOG), Samsung Electronics, Microsoft (MSFT) and With these companies, Apple’s products may face serious competition that may result in decreased earnings and lower stock price. The company’s share has been hanging. Some of its investors are asking Tim Cook to spend more money on the company to buy back its stock. Although the board has already done that, these investors want more.

Even though Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock price is falling, it’s not going down as other companies. In fact, it’s still the world’s favorite public company. It has a market capitalization of not less than $480 billion. As of its products, they continue to reshape and innovate for the world to enjoy. 

Olivia Wilde Is Expecting … Her First Child With Jason Sudeikis

“Thirteen” will have her number 1.


Okay, we’re talking of Olivia Wilde, who portrayed the role of Thirteen on the hit TV show “House.” We’ve learned that she and fiancé, Jason Sudeikis, are expecting their first child together. The news was announced by Olivia herself.

When they were seen out making their way to the Kanye West concert, the baby bump wasn’t obvious yet. Well, she’s pregnant for a few weeks so it’s obvious that you won’t see any signs of a bun in the oven.

Earlier this year, Olivia Wilde admitted that she couldn’t wait to start a family with Jason. Pretty sure the couple is delighted to know that their wish has come true.

According to the couple’s friends, she and Jason are incredibly happy and very excited to welcome a new member to their family.

How many children would they like to have?
For Olivia, it doesn’t matter. She’s a very open-minded person. This means that this unborn child of theirs won’t be the only child they will have. Olivia revealed that Jason is very good with kids. And when she first met him, she thought that he’s the one she wants to raise a child with.

The Meeting
It was in 2011 when they first met. Olivia Wilde met Jason on Saturday Night Live of which he’s one of the hosts. Six months after the first meeting, they were seen together. And they did confirm that they’re dating.

A few years after, they got engaged. As for the wedding? They’re planning to have it in New York this spring.

Former Marriages
This isn’t the first marriage of Olivia, however. For eight years, she was (happily) married to Tao Ruspoli, an Italian prince.

As for Jason, it isn’t his first marriage either. In 2010, he announced his separation to this wife, Kay Cannon, after six years of being together. So, sad eh?

But Olivia Wilde was grateful enough for that separation as she found her way to Jason. In fact, she called him the great love of her life.

Jason And His Weight Loss
You’ve seen Jason before. He was a bit chubbier. But thanks to Olivia, he got slimmer physique now. According to him, he doesn’t workout at all. But he does have a workout partner, Olivia, in bed.  

With her, he’s happier than he’s ever been.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Romance
Since they fell for each other, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are always seen together doing PDA. They also took to various magazines to reveal how much they love each other. And yes, they did tell those magazines’ readers how much sexy sex they have each day, week or year? For us, we know that it’s enough to get her pregnant. That’s for sure.

Funny Child

We don’t consider Olivia Wilde as funny but we do think Jason is funny. So, we’re hoping that the mini Jason or tiny Olivia will be more like Jason, who’s a very funny person. Since the two of them are aesthetically pleasing, their child, too, will grow up to be as gorgeous as their parents. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lou Reed Has Died – Months After A Liver Transplant

First, it was Marcia Wallace (70). Then, there’s Lou Reed, who died at the age of 71. The cause of his death has yet to be known to the world. However, a few months before, he underwent a liver transplant.

Already Dying
According to his wife, Laurie Anderson, Lou was already dying before his liver transplant operation in May of this year. She added that she thought he’d never totally recover from this state.

Who is Lou Reed?
He was the lead vocalist of Velvet Underground. For Rolling Stone, said band is considered as the most influential American rock band of all time.

A Brooklyn native, Lou was known for his raw guitar style, his poetic solo and his innovative noise compositions.

The band was formed in the 1960s. Two of its most popular songs were Heroin and I’m Waiting for the Many. They were all addiction-themed because of Lou’s past alcohol and drug use.

While doing solo, he wrote and sang about Walk on the Wild Side and Perfect Day.

Before He Became Famous
His birth name was Lewis Allan Lou Reed. He was born in 1942 in Brooklyn.
After studying college, he immediately worked as a staff songwriter for Pickwick Records. Then, he went on to form the Velvet Underground.

Having Solo Career
Although he’s still part of his band, Lou Reed did launch a solo career in 1970. He recorded a song that was a hit known as Walk on the Wild Side.

He became a part of Factory in New York. He started creating solo albums such as Berlin, Metal Machine Music and Transformer.

He was once married to Sylvia Morales in 1980s. But they got divorced in 1990s. A few years after that, he started a relationship with his fellow musician/artist, Laurie Anderson. They began to collaborate and perform live. And in 2008, they got married in a private ceremony.

Popularity Of His Band
His band, Velvet Underground, didn’t achieve great success. But Lou Reed and his band mates were recognized as a major influence on art rock and punk. According to a musician, the album of the band only sold about 10,000 copies. But those who bought it immediately formed a band.

What Led To His Liver Transplant?
He was a hard drinker and drug user. For many years, he had battled said addiction. That was one of the reasons he needed a liver transplant. Although his illness had taken a toll on his health, he appeared in various events. He said that with modern science, physics and chemistry, he made a rapid recovery.

When he appeared at the Cannes Lions International Festival, his increasing frailty was visible. He also criticized the quality of digital music. According to him, that type of music sounds like shit.

He was also known to have a lack of patience with the press. According to him, these media men are very problematic. When he was asked how he remained to be creative. He said that he “masterbate” every day.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Marcia Wallace Died – Are We Ready To Say Goodbye To Edna Krabappel?

Last night, fans of The Simpsons were saddened to learn the news about the death of Marcia Wallace.

For Simpsons’ fans, she was Edna Krabappel, who was a 4th grade teacher having the same student for 24 years. But before lending her voice to such beloved character, she portrayed as the wisecracking secretary while on The Bob Newhart Show.

Breast Cancer
Marcia suffered from one of the most popular cancers in the world – breast cancer. But, for 28 years, she has been cleared from that disease. She became an activist for breast cancer and had been seen talking in front of young and old women to discussing about how it can be prevented and how sufferers can handle it.

It was in 1985 when she was diagnosed to have breast cancer but she was able to fight it back. Because of early detection procedures she had undergone, she was freed from the clutches of this medical condition.

And in 2007, she had won the Gilda Radner Courage Award of Roswell Park Cancer Insititute because of the time she had spent building a community for breast cancer sufferers and survivors.

At the time of her death, 9 pm last night, Marcia Wallace was breast cancer free. According to her representatives, her death was the result of several complications from other illnesses.

Who Was She
To those who didn’t know her:

1. Bob Newhart Show
In the 1970s, she played the role of Carol Kester on the Bob Newhart Show. Then, in the 1990s, she reprised her role on the Murphy Brown.

2. Battle of the Network Stars
In 1978, she appeared on ABC’s competition known as the Battle of the Network Stars. She joined other then-famous celebrities in this friendly competition.

3. Love Boat
She was also seen on The Love Beat as a guest. It was in 1978.

4. Taxi
In 1982, she appeared as Marcia Wallace on a TV show. She appeared along with Christopher Lloyd, who played the role of Reverend Jim Ignatowski.

5. Full House
She was Mrs. Carruthers on Full House, a recurring character of that popular TV show.

6. That’s My Bush
In 2001, she was a guest on That’s My Bush showed in the Comedy Central.

Future of Simpsons
Now that Marcia Wallace passed away, what’s the future of Mrs. Krabappel?

Representatives of The Simpsons announced before that the life of this veteran character would have to end. But, we’ll just have to wait and see if this is going to happen.

She was married to Dennis Hawley for six years, until he passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1992. They’ve a son together, Michael Hawley.

She wrote about her illness and how she has lost her husband in her book Don’t Look Back, We’re Not Going That Way. Although it tackles dark issues, the book is not free from her sense of humor and optimism of her life.

This is truly a terrible loss for her family and for the fans of The Simpsons. We’ll surely miss her trademark laugh – Ha!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

7.1 Magnitude Japan Earthquake Occurred But No Damage Reported

After Bohol, another earthquake occurred. And this time, it’s in Japan. Fortunately, there’s no damage being reported. Unlike in 2011’s earthquake that hit in the same country killing thousands of people and damaging billions of properties, this 2013 earthquake didn’t cause damage.

Although there was a tsunami alert after the 7.1 magnitude tremor struck about 320 km off the coast, it was then lifted a few hours after. However, people who are working at the Fukushima power station were advised to leave the areas and seek higher ground. 
Thankfully, there was no damage in the plant. There weren’t changes in readings at radiation either.

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, a small tsunami could reach the eastern coast of Fukushima after the tremor happened in the Pacific Ocean. Said agency also issued a yellow advisory to those areas that have been hit by Japan earthquake in 2011.

The quake hit in the morning of October 26, 2013 at 2:10 am, Tokyo time (around 4:00 am in the Philippines).

Since the 2011 earthquake in Japan, two of the country’s 40 reactors were not operating.

What caused a killer quake?
Quakes happen because those rocks underneath the Earth slip past each other. The cause of movement is the stress. When it’s too strong for the fault, it’ll release energy causing an earthquake.

What does the 7.1 magnitude quake mean?
The 7.1 Japan earthquake happened didn’t cause damage to the location. But this magnitude is considered as an intensity VII tremor. This means that it can slightly damage specially designed properties. But it’ll severely damage those structures that have been poorly built. When this magnitude quake happens to your vicinity, you’ll expect to experience falling of chimneys, columns, walls and factory stacks. There will also be overturning of heavy furniture.

Is Japan prone to earthquakes?
Yes, it is. It’s one of the seismically active areas in the world. This country is like the Philippines that experiences several earthquakes each year. Some of them are can cause damage while others don’t.

Can we predict earthquakes?
As opposed to volcanic eruptions, we can’t know when an earthquake will happen. The crust of the Earth has pieces that constantly moving. Unfortunately, scientists haven’t invented yet a technology or a machine that can predict the next earthquake may occur. However, geoscientists and seismologists can identify what areas in the world belong to the seismically active areas. Sadly, Philippines and Japan belong to those group that experience more earthquakes every year.

How should we minimize the damage?
Since we can’t predict when an earthquake is going to occur, it’s important to build a stronger structure. When you’re planning to build a house, you should inform your government’s volcanology and seismology agency to help you assess whether or not the area is in an active fault. As per the guideline of a national building code, you can’t build a building, a house or anything that’s found within 5 meters of a fault.

When an earthquake happens again, you should pay more attention of the things that you don’t see as they can surely cause damage. As for the Japan earthquake that just occurred a few hours ago, we just hope and pray it won’t happen again. The 2011 quake in this country and the October 2013 quake in Bohol are just too much to bear.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

4 Known Haunted Theaters in the World

It’s almost Halloween and what’s a great way to celebrate it? Going to haunted places, of course.

Have you thought of going to theaters? You may think that such place is for experiencing romance and suspense. But those old theaters have histories of staff and audience members that have come and gone. And these people do come back as GHOSTS.

So what are the theaters in the US and other countries known to be haunted by ghosts?

1. Belasco Theater
It’s located in New York City. The ghost of the late David Belasco, a 20th-century Broadway producer, is said to be living in this theater. Women and audience who visit this place did report of seeing and feeling mysterious ghostly pinch.

2. Palace Theater
It’s home to Judy Garland, who was one of the most popular Broadway artists in 1960s. During her comeback performances, she sang her hits, like The Man That Got Away and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. According to past workers of this theater, a special door was actually built for the artist’s entrances and exists. Now, some people who work here reported to see ghostly figure of the star in that doorway.

3. Paris Opera
Although it has been renovated for several times, it didn’t clean up ghost sightings. It may not be the Phantom sightings but it’s a theater’s ghost of an older woman who committed suicide in the 19th century. Reports said that she used to roam in this theater to find the person who rejected her.

4. Palace Theater In Los Angeles
It’s one of the oldest movie theaters in this state. Its third balcony was once closed because of racial segregation. But onstage performers did report of seeing ghostly figures in that balcony. The said balcony’s doors are locked up to prevent anyone from going there. Even audience members did report of seeing a figure of a woman, who dressed up in white lace and crossed the stage during an ongoing performance. Then, she disappears into the wings. She’s not part of the play because she’s never to be seen again.

These aren’t the only theaters in the world that are considered to be haunted. You can read reports about ghostly sightings of famous rock stars, movie stars, etc. in various places. So, if you want to prove that a ghost is real and not just a product of people’s imagination, then why not try going to these places and find out yourself. Let us know if they’re real by leaving us a comment. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Interesting Facts A Person Must Know About Hotel Del Coronado

To the locals, they call Hotel del Coronado as, simply, The Del. It’s been sitting on the Southern California coast since 1800s. Its overall theme is Victorian. But these days, you’ll find a touch of modern high-end décor.
As a guest of this hotel, you’re free to roam around and walk through its beautiful areas and study its history.
Its Location
It’s in the south of San Diego. You can reach it by land or access it via the Coronado Bay Bridge which is situated in the downtown area.
What’s interesting about this hotel is that it’s located on the beach. Its area is as wide as 28 acres that allow you to overlook the Pacific Ocean. Its location is just a few miles from the San Diego Bay.
Rooms and Suites
Hotel Del Coronadao is categorized as a luxury hotel that offers guest rooms and suits. It houses 679 rooms built in three separate buildings. Additional beachfront villas and cottages were added in 2011 making it more attractive and enticing to its visitors. What’s great is that most of its rooms provide an ocean view.
In addition to allowing its visitors an ocean view, they can also enjoy its amenities, such as restaurant, shopping and spa. And if you’re lucky enough to visit here during the winter, then you can participate in ice skating. Yes, it does have an outdoor rink but it’s only set up during the winter season and placed next to the beach.
The Haunting In The Del
Apart from its beautiful rooms and suites, Hotel Del Coronado is also known for “ghost hunting.” The most popular rumor about this hotel is the death of Kate Morgan, who checked in to this hotel in 1892. She stayed in room 3327 where she was waiting for her husband, who was taking a cross-country trip. This room is said to have the most reports about encounters with the ghost of Kate. People who’ve stayed there said that they’ve heard odd noises and temperature change. Some of them even confirmed of seeing the dead woman, Kate.
Of course, this isn’t the only interesting fact about this hotel. It offers wealthy of activities, like weddings and birthdays. In fact, it’s considered by many as one of the most beautiful wedding destinations.
The wealth of activities provided by Hotel Del Coronado will make you hungry. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to bring in a healthy snack that’s rich in protein. It can curb your appetite so you don’t have to eat a lot of food while staying here. 
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Enjoy an Exotic Honeymoon in the Philippines

An archipelago of over 7,000 islands, the Philippines has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, and diverse cuisine. The islands have been a major tourist destination for years and the locals are always welcoming and hospitable. Whether you and your spouse enjoy staying active outdoors or prefer to wash away stress at a beach or spa, the Philippines is an exceptionally romantic and relaxing destination that has something to offer everyone.
Quezon City          
  • As one of the most affluent and populous areas in the Philippines, Quezon City makes a perfect destination for couples who love urban life. The Cocoon Boutique Hotel, winner of the 2013 Travelers' Choice Top Hotels award, is a luxurious and enchanting place for you to spend the nights with your significant other.
  • Take a break from the urban bustle and visit La Mesa Eco Park. The park was taken over by a pro-environment protection program in response to the environmental damage that urbanization caused in Quezon City. Now, it hosts locations in which you and your spouse can go running, swimming, biking, horseback riding, and even bungee jumping together.
  • The Araneta Coliseum is the central entertainment center in the city—it is always worth checking to see if there are any shows or sporting events both of you would like to go to.        
  • Boracay is known as one of the world's top relaxation destinations. It may only be 4.5 miles wide, but it squeezes in some of the best luxury resorts in the Philippines, such as the Ambassador in Paradise Resort. If you and your loved one like to be treated like royalty, think about honeymooning in Boracay.
  • Start a day in Boracay by visiting the Yapak Beach and the White Beach surrounding the heart of Boracay. The beaches are rated as two of the best white sand beaches in Asia.
Continue your relaxing, romantic experience with a romantic stroll on the White Beach Path. Sink your feet into the clean, fine sands of the path, which lines a long row of romantic eateries. Together, you and your loved one can feast on some of the best food in the archipelago. 
  • Like Quezon City, Baguio is a major city and a popular destination for tourists to the Philippines. It is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the country and its mountainous landscapes are home to breathtaking views and entertaining activities.
  • Hike up one of Baguio’s mountains and see stunning views of the entire island at the top. On the way down, you can study the ancient cemeteries and religious temples carved into the mountainside by the natives.
  • Take a horseback ride together to see the city in an exciting way. A tour guide will accompany you during the ride so you can sit back and delight in the sights and sounds of Baguio.
  • In 2007, National Geographic Traveller voted Palawan as the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia. In addition to its beautiful landscapes and seascapes, Palawan cuisine and wildlife is some of the richest and most colorful in the entire country.
  • For a serene outdoor adventure, go to Palawan’s Barracuda Lake, Secret Lagoon Beach, or Coron Bay. At these places, you can go swimming, diving, wading, or snorkeling with some of the local natives.
  • Go to Honda Bay and go island-hopping to the nearby El Nido. You can also go diving in one of Palawan’s reefs and see the exotic marine life of the archipelago up close.
  • If you are looking for a more secluded spot, head to Siquijor, which means Isle of Fire. It is known among Filipinos for its supernatural occurrences and beautiful natural landscapes.
  • Head to the town for one of Siquijor’s many festivals, in which you will watch the natives celebrate their culture and religion by performing superstitious acts and seemingly impossible feats.
  • Drop by the gargantuan Balete tree, which is the oldest tree in the province, and treat yourselves to a romantic spa treatment. The spas at the Balete tree feature a fish foot treatment, so you can have your skin rejuvenated by the exotic fish that inhabit Siquijor.
You can find many package deals online, which allow you to take a week to experience the natural beauty of the Philippines with your loved one. However, these packages can be slightly overpriced and not of the best quality. If you know enough about where you want to go and what you want to do during your time in the Philippines, you can plan your own honeymoon rather than purchasing a package deal. Taking out some time to create an itinerary will guarantee you a better and more romantic experience in the archipelago with your love.
John Gower is a writer for NerdWallet, a personal finance website dedicated to helping you save money with financial tips on everything from travel to the best online trading site.
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