About Ireland - 6 Must-See Places In This Third Largest Island In Europe

About Ireland

According to my friend who is now living in this 20th largest island on Earth, Ireland offers plenty of things to its tourists. And here are the best attractions she suggested.

1. Abbey Theatre
This is one of the best attractions about Ireland. It is in fact considered as the "treasure house of Irish literacy culture." In this place, you can watch a play or follow the actors to the Flowing Tide for refreshment.

2. Newgrange
It located 30 miles of Dublin. It is a prehistoric passage tomb that can take you back to 4000 BC. It has been built a thousand years before Stonehenge in England. If you visit here during the winter solstice, you would see the shining light of the sun through a small opening just above the doorway of the tomb. It is marvelous to see the rising sun illuminating the chamber.

3. Aran Islands
This is the best place to experience about Ireland during ancient times. People living in these islands are still speaking the Irish language. To reach these islands, you need to get on a short boat ride from Rossaveal.

4. Maamturk Mountains
This is great for cyclists who want to bike around while passing pristine lakes and bogs.

5. Glenveagh National Park
Located in the north of Galway, this park offers the best hiking place. It is also home to red deer and falcons.

6. Skellig Michael
It is a rock that measures 700 feet high. It can be reached through a 1-hour boat ride from Valentia Island. If you still have enough energy after an hour of boat ride, you can climb 650 small steps to get a glimpse of the 7th century Christian monastery.

These 6 places are just few of the tourist destinations that you can visit and get to know more about Ireland. Hopefully, in the last quarter of this year, I will have the time to spare to see them all.

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