Philippines: Our Lady Of Manaoag During Holy Week

When visiting the Philippines during Holy Week, you must not forget about Manaoag (pronounced as Ma-na-wag). It is located five hours away from the north of Manila. Situated in the province of Pangasinan, Manaoag offers delicious food, pristine beaches, marine parks and so much more. For the Catholics, Pangasinan is home to Our Lady of Manaoag.

Shrine of Our Lady Of the Rosary
It is one of the most admired Marian icons in the Philippines and it is said to contain miraculous powers. People from all walks of like travel here just to hear mass, offer flowers, and pray the rosary.

Tourists or visitors can also go outside the church and visit its mini-chapel just to touch the church's mantle.

The most reliable transportation option in going to Manaoag is through Victoria Liner. It has direct trips to the church proper making it easier for tourists to experience the serenity offered by Our Lady Of Manaoag. The said bus company offers comfortable seats and ample leg room. You can also update your social media accounts while riding on this bus as it offers free WiFi. There is no need to walk a few miles to reach the church as the bus stops just a few feet away from the Our Lady Of Manaoag.

Travel gifts and refreshments
The surrounding town has various places where you can find travel gifts and some refreshments after spending a few hours of touring the shrine.

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  1. I want to go there this Holy Week with my family. Wish I can have more time to do it.


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