Priceline - 5 Important Things You Must Know About This Online Booking Site

Is Priceline the best booking site to look for the best deals on hotels? 
Yes. That is, if you know how to optimize its tools. If you know the strategies to take, you can find yourself making a reservation in a classy hotel without paying the high price.

Here are some things you must know of this site that may help when bidding:  
1. Its Name Your Own Price feature is not always the cheapest. 
Some sites can even beat Priceline's rates at the same level.

2. The company charges different taxes. 
The company may offer you $70 rate but that rate does not include taxes. Thus, it may appear cheaper but it really is not.

3. The Free Rebid feature
This is one of the strategies that you must know when bidding on Priceline. To use it, you must identify which zone does not have hotel on your star level and add that zone to your bid. Do not worry about getting undesirable zone as it does not have hotels at your star level. Essentially, free rebid allows you to raise your bid without having to wait for 24 hours.

4. Two-star hotels should be avoided. 
Do not poke around below three stars as you may end up in a moldy motel. You can go for a two-and-a-half start hotel but make sure that it does not have poor quality motels in the set.

5. You must check the dates. 
Priceline's website can be a bit slippery, which makes it easier for you to choose the wrong month. When booking, you must check the month and day on each page to avoid booking the right month in the wrong date.

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