Enjoy an Exotic Honeymoon in the Philippines

An archipelago of over 7,000 islands, the Philippines has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, and diverse cuisine. The islands have been a major tourist destination for years and the locals are always welcoming and hospitable. Whether you and your spouse enjoy staying active outdoors or prefer to wash away stress at a beach or spa, the Philippines is an exceptionally romantic and relaxing destination that has something to offer everyone.
Quezon City          
  • As one of the most affluent and populous areas in the Philippines, Quezon City makes a perfect destination for couples who love urban life. The Cocoon Boutique Hotel, winner of the 2013 Travelers' Choice Top Hotels award, is a luxurious and enchanting place for you to spend the nights with your significant other.
  • Take a break from the urban bustle and visit La Mesa Eco Park. The park was taken over by a pro-environment protection program in response to the environmental damage that urbanization caused in Quezon City. Now, it hosts locations in which you and your spouse can go running, swimming, biking, horseback riding, and even bungee jumping together.
  • The Araneta Coliseum is the central entertainment center in the city—it is always worth checking to see if there are any shows or sporting events both of you would like to go to.        
  • Boracay is known as one of the world's top relaxation destinations. It may only be 4.5 miles wide, but it squeezes in some of the best luxury resorts in the Philippines, such as the Ambassador in Paradise Resort. If you and your loved one like to be treated like royalty, think about honeymooning in Boracay.
  • Start a day in Boracay by visiting the Yapak Beach and the White Beach surrounding the heart of Boracay. The beaches are rated as two of the best white sand beaches in Asia.
Continue your relaxing, romantic experience with a romantic stroll on the White Beach Path. Sink your feet into the clean, fine sands of the path, which lines a long row of romantic eateries. Together, you and your loved one can feast on some of the best food in the archipelago. 
  • Like Quezon City, Baguio is a major city and a popular destination for tourists to the Philippines. It is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the country and its mountainous landscapes are home to breathtaking views and entertaining activities.
  • Hike up one of Baguio’s mountains and see stunning views of the entire island at the top. On the way down, you can study the ancient cemeteries and religious temples carved into the mountainside by the natives.
  • Take a horseback ride together to see the city in an exciting way. A tour guide will accompany you during the ride so you can sit back and delight in the sights and sounds of Baguio.
  • In 2007, National Geographic Traveller voted Palawan as the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia. In addition to its beautiful landscapes and seascapes, Palawan cuisine and wildlife is some of the richest and most colorful in the entire country.
  • For a serene outdoor adventure, go to Palawan’s Barracuda Lake, Secret Lagoon Beach, or Coron Bay. At these places, you can go swimming, diving, wading, or snorkeling with some of the local natives.
  • Go to Honda Bay and go island-hopping to the nearby El Nido. You can also go diving in one of Palawan’s reefs and see the exotic marine life of the archipelago up close.
  • If you are looking for a more secluded spot, head to Siquijor, which means Isle of Fire. It is known among Filipinos for its supernatural occurrences and beautiful natural landscapes.
  • Head to the town for one of Siquijor’s many festivals, in which you will watch the natives celebrate their culture and religion by performing superstitious acts and seemingly impossible feats.
  • Drop by the gargantuan Balete tree, which is the oldest tree in the province, and treat yourselves to a romantic spa treatment. The spas at the Balete tree feature a fish foot treatment, so you can have your skin rejuvenated by the exotic fish that inhabit Siquijor.
You can find many package deals online, which allow you to take a week to experience the natural beauty of the Philippines with your loved one. However, these packages can be slightly overpriced and not of the best quality. If you know enough about where you want to go and what you want to do during your time in the Philippines, you can plan your own honeymoon rather than purchasing a package deal. Taking out some time to create an itinerary will guarantee you a better and more romantic experience in the archipelago with your love.
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