Top 5 Turkey Killer Gravy Recipes

Every Thanksgiving, Americans serve turkey on their table. Although you can make a juicy turkey recipe, it’ll still come up dry. To alleviate that, most Americans do serve gravy on the table. You may think that the big chicken is the most important thing on the table but gravy can make every food you serve be tastier.

As you browse from one site to another, you’ll find several killer gravy recipes. But according to experts on this topic, to create killer gravy, you’ll only need a few simple ingredients. However, the outcome will still depend on how you tackle the ingredients you’ve bought.

Here’s the top 5 killer gravy recipes that you can try to make your turkey be tastier and more mouthwatering.

This one is great if you love garlic. It’s very simple but it’ll offer you tasty gravy. It’s not that messy so it’s perfect if you serve it with mashed potatoes.

You may think that apple cider is only great for vegetable salads. But it’s not. In this recipe, Joshua will teach you how to make gravy for your turkey using apple cider as the main star.

If you’re allergic to all gluten foods, then this might give you a breath of relief as you can still have a slice of turkey on your plate and pour a teaspoon of this gluten-free gravy. This recipe includes unsalted butter, rice flour and skimmed juices.

As the title suggests, it includes herbs, onions and garlic. It doesn’t include homemade stock or pan drippings but it’s still a mouthwatering gravy overall.

This one includes onion, vegetable oil, fresh mushrooms, salt, ground nutmeg, white pepper, fresh parsley, bay leaf, homemade stock, all-purpose flour and nutritional yeast. It’s true that it’s ideal vegan. But it’s not dull as you think. Rather, it’s full of rich flavor because of its mushroom and yeast.