Walmart For Black Friday 2013 Deals – Find Out How You Can Grab One Special Items At Low Price

The ad flyer of Walmart for Black Friday 2013 was released by the company through its official site this November. Each flyer varies from one store to another. Thus, it’s essential that you find the local store that you’re wishing to shop for to find appropriate Walmart Black Friday deals.

It also announced its plans to offer several deals, like manager specials and other deals for top gifts. Walmart will hold its events at 6 and 8 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Then, it’ll continue at 8 am on Friday.

Its customers can look forward to more tablets, televisions and other computer gadgets as its popular Black Friday items. According to the giant retailer, it’ll give its shoppers more products at lower prices.

Events you should be looking forward to:

One-Hour Guarantee
As the term suggests, selected items will be given lowest prices within a one-hour period. If you’re at certain line between 6 pm and 7 pm, you can purchase top gifts at very low prices.


Wristbands will be given to customers while you shop and wait for hottest items, such as Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4. This is how the wristband works. Before the one-hour guarantee event, you’ll have to be at the designated line where the products you like to purchase are displayed and the wristbands are secured. While you wait for the 6 pm event, you can go to the other areas of the store. You just have to come back to that line after the event starts to kick so you can pick the items you wish to purchase.