12 Best Places to Travel in Australia

When trying to find the best places to travel in Australia, you will be faced with many things.

The country is known for its extraordinary landscapes, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous cities. That said, it would be difficult for you to see all the beautiful places of the country in one single trip.

On this list, I highlighted all the best places to travel in Australia. They are also the best places to stay during the holidays. With this list, you can have an idea on what to do and where to go when you finally have the chance to visit Australia.

#1 Best places to travel in Australia – Sydney

When you are an Australian or living in Australia, you might probably scoff when you read Sydney on top of this list.

It is true that the country has better attractions or places to travel than Sydney. But no one can deny the truth that Sydney is an iconic place that no one should miss when traveling here.

If you made a decision to travel in this country and you do not see Sydney, then you would be like a tourist going to, say the Philippines and not eating balut. It would also be like going to American and not trying the best hot dog.

Sydney has the Opera Bar that lets you have a drink with your travel partner before you go and see a performance at the famous Opera House. The city is also known for the great Taronga Zoo, where you can experience and see festivals all year long.

#2 Best places to travel in Australia – Adelaide

As the fifth largest city of Australia, Adelaide is situated on a plain between the Gulf St. Vincent and the Adelaide Hills. In here, you will find some of the best Australia’s wine regions.
If you are fond of architecture, you will surely have a great time exploring the architecture of the inner city, which represents the colonial era.

There are many places you can stay in Adelaide. Hilton Adelaide offers reasonable price. It is very close to the central market. Although its furnishing is outdated, you cannot go wrong with the hotel’s reasonable rates.

Or you can book one to two nights at the Playford Adelaide. It is near public transportation, many restaurants, Festival Theatre, and so much more.

#3 Best places to travel in Australia – Byron Bay

This is situated south of the Queensland border. Byron bay is a popular holiday destination of both Australians and international tourists. You cannot blame them as the place lets you see the amazing lighthouse during sunset.

You will also experience Australia’s wide array of music festivals over the year. They attract not just local musicians but also international bands and singers, like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

Although it is not the most beautiful place in Australia, Byron Bay offers affordable rates when visiting here. It is also situated just kilometers away from the country’s pristine beaches, scuba diving sites, and other attractions that make Byron Bay one of the best places to visit in the country.

#4 Best places to travel in Australia – Darwin

It is a transportation hub of the country because of its close proximities to other countries situated in the Indian Ocean. Although it had been damaged during the World War II, the city has a resilient town. Its people have a spirit that cannot be easily defeated.

The main attractions of Darwin are its seafood restaurants and multi-national shops. You will also enjoy drinking beer through its many open-air bars.

You can cruise around the Darwin Harbor, which can last around 12 hours. The cruise may include explorations of mangrove forest, bird and marine photo opps and fish expeditions.

To learn about the culture of Australia and of Darwin, you can visit its aboriginal locations that are in and around the city. If you wish to explore about the relics from the World War II, you can visit the Museum and Gallery of the Northern Territory.

Because Darwin is home to more than 60 nationalities, you should not be surprised to find and experience its broad and varied cuisine. When you are in the city, expect to experience a lot of things that might be new to your life.

#5 Best places to travel in Australia – Great Ocean Road

It is in Victoria. Great Ocean Road is one of the most amazing scenic drives you can see in the world. Although it is only 243 kilometers long, it will take you one day to enjoy its narrow yet windy traffic lanes.

When you are exploring it, you will find its panoramic views to be the most exciting. As it hugs the coast line, you will get to experience and see ocean and cliffs. The cool climate of its rain forests will give you windy temperature.

If you are looking for beaches, there are many that you can stop and swim here. Hikes and other attractions are also provided for you to partake in.

Do you love surfing like I do? Then, you should not miss the wild waves of Discovery Bay and Bells Beach.

How about the wildlife? The ancient rainforests and natural attractions of Australia are found in the Great Ocean region.

And do not forget to experience the Great Ocean Walk where you can journey from the Apollo Bay and head to the 12 Apostles. While you are in this journey, you can visit its national parks and deserted beaches.

#6 Best places to travel in Australia – Grampians National Park

It is still situated in Victoria. This is where the Great Ocean Road ends. The park is large with 1,672 kilometers in size. Hikes, sandstone ridges and indigenous rocks can be found here.

There are several recreational opportunities here. On your way to the park, you will find panoramic views and impressive waterfalls.

When you visit here during August and October, you will experience and see the colorful displays of wildflower in the park. You will also find it here various types of herbs and shrubs. This is also a great place to find native animals and birds. Kangaroos, you say? Yes. And also koalas, eagles and emus, among others.

#7 Best places to travel in Australia – Daintree Rainforest

It is in the north of Cairns. Daintree rainforest is Australia’s nature wonderland. In here, you can find 30% of the country’s reptile and 65% of Australia’s bat and species of butterflies. Do you want to see the Cassowary? This is its home.

There are a lot of things that you can do in the Daintree rainforest. You can do crocodile boat tours, mangrove adventure tour, local indigenous tours, etc.

When you visit this rainforest, however, you must make sure that you have a hat, a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen protection, fuel for cooking, insect repellent, and rubbish bags.

With so many things you can do here, it is no wonder it is a popular destination among tourists who love to have nature tripping.

#8 Best places to travel in Australia – Great Barrier Reef

Even if you are not a scuba diver, Great Barrier Reef is still a great place to travel while you are in this country. It is synonymous with Australia and it is one of the attractions that is known by almost every person.

In addition to Uluru and the Opera House, it is another attraction that you can look forward to in Australia. Home to endangered animals and plant species, the Great Barrier Reef stretches for 2,300 kilometers.

Whitsunday Islands are stunning. But it is truly difficult to recommend a particular area in the Reef that you will surely enjoy as each of the islands is striking. If you wish to appreciate it more, you must spend at least two days of sailing trip or tour around it.

You can do snorkeling and scuba diving. Bear in mind that it does not require you to know how to scuba dive. There are professional scuba divers who can be with you during the dive, so experience it or you will regret it for the rest of your life. And, oh, do not forget to swim with the whale sharks. It is a rare but humbling experience.

#9 Best places to travel in Australia – Uluru

It is in the Northern Territory. Okay, you may think that it is just a rock. However, when you get closer to it, it gets bigger and bigger. Once you get closest, you just cannot put your feelings into words. You will just be left in awe of its magic and splendor.

If you wish to visit here, you need to have a guided tour to truly appreciate the area. Through the tour, you will see a lot more than just a simple rock. You will experience the country’s indigenous culture. If you are like many who are seeking a taste of an outback life, you must not miss visiting Uluru. The experience will just leave you breathless and out of words.

#10 Best places to travel in Australia - Fraser Island

Do you want to see the largest sand island in the entire world? You should visit Fraser Island. It is situated near the Hervey Bay in Queensland. This is where you can find numerous pristine beaches. Each month, this place is being visited by thousands of people from all over the world.
To get around the area, you will need to rent a four-wheel drive. Then, make sure that you spend around two to three days to fully explore the area.

What you can see here? Rainforests with fauna and rare flowers. Dingo. Fresh water lakes. Gorgeous beaches.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are also perfect here.

However, you should observe and follow safety advice of the government when visiting Fraser. When you go sand driving here, you need to take it seriously as there are thousands who have died in crashes on this island. You must also be alert when you visit here between March and May as the risk of interaction with dingo is high.

Although there are risks involved when visiting Fraser, this is still a paradise that you must not miss. When looking for a perfect tourist destination in Australia, this one should be on your list.

#11 Best places to travel in Australia – Cable Beach

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. Situated in Western Australia, Cable Beach lets you see white sands, blue waters and beautiful sunsets. This is also a great place where you can have camel rides on the beach. How is that for a change? However, if you wish to cross the sand in a vehicle, you may still opt to ride in a four-wheel drive. But camel riding when crossing the sands is just a marvelous experience that you should not let pass.

#12 Best places to travel in Australia – Kakadu National Park

It is 200 kilometers east of Darwin. The national park is 3.2 million acres with traditional lands, which are homes to indigenous tribes. Traditional landowners considered this area as sacred.

In here, you will find more than 5,000 rock paint sites. It is a UNESCO site and listed in the World Heritage Area. The entire area will leave you breathless as you explore its endangered animals and plants, see the salt water crocodile and other natural attractions.


These are not just the places you can travel and visit while in Australia. As you land here, you will find that there are plenty more that you can explore and appreciate nature and people.

Of course, when you visit Australia, you should not miss trying its good wines. You simply need to try its Chardonnay. Whether you prefer white or red wine, you can get a good bottle of wine that is around $20. I should definitely try its Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

And do not forget to try Australia’s BBQ. Public parks and gardens in Australia feature free barbeques or cheap ones. If you are like me who loves meat, then you will surely be in paradise when you come and visit Australia.