International Travel Safety Tips - Avoiding Pickpocket

Traveling in a foreign land will make you an easy victim for pickpockets. However, if you adhere to our international travel safety tips, you can avoid losing your possessions while enjoying your vacation. 

Don’t leave your things unattended. 

It’s pretty obvious, but sometimes, travelers forget about it as they get overwhelmed. But you must never leave your bags and your belongings unattended, even when you’re in a restaurant or at a cafe. Always keep them on your lap. If they’re on your bag, wrap your bag around your leg and never leave it at your feet or the side of your chair. And when you exit the place, always look behind you in case you forget something. 

Avoid keeping your credit cards and cash in one wallet. 

You should have one wallet for your credit cards and another for your money. But never put them all in one wallet. It’s an important travel safety tip in case your one wallet gets stolen. In this way, you’ll still have a source of money to fall back on. 

Never put your wallet in your back pocket. 

It’s a no-no. Always keep it in your front pocket or a zipped bag. But never in a backpack. It’s also essential that you sling your pouch in front so you’ll see it always. 

Don’t wear jewelry and an expensive watch. 

There’s only one reason you should avoid it. That is, expensive items would only make you a target for muggers. And to further avoid thieves, you should avoid crowded areas and strangers, as much as possible. 

Use anti-theft products.

I’m a big fan of Pacsafe Citysafe. It’s a safety handbag that comes with straps that prevent bag slashers who are on motorcycles from slicing through your bag and running off with your bag. Plus, it has built-in splash guards that protect your gears from a thief who’ll slash your bag and run. 

Its zipper pullers can be placed under to prevent pickpockets from reaching your bag. 

You can also go for a travel RFID money belt. What’s great about it is that you can wear it under your clothing so as to prevent theft. Then, it’s equipped with RFID chips that can block illegal scanning of your passports and credit cards. 

If you like using a backpack, you can go for Tigernu anti-thief backpack. It’s an Oxford fabric bag designed to protect your belongings even if you’re preoccupied. It’s difficult to steal your things in your bag because it doesn't have zippers/pockets on the front. The zipper is concealed under a flap. Plus, it’s water-resistant, thereby, keeping your things dry. 

What to do if your credit cards are stolen? 

You must call your banks to cancel them. Do it immediately. It’s to prevent transactions made on your card. After calling the banks, file a police report. 

On the other hand, if your passport is stolen, make a police report and request a copy of it. If it’s not available, get its report number, name, and location of the police station. These details are vital. 

If you heed to these international travel safety tips, you can avoid traveling to a foreign land with no passport, wallet or credit cards.