Real Estate Philippines In Cebu: Why Mandani Bay Is A Smart Investment?

Real estate in the Philippines, particularly in Cebu, is on the rise. Buying a condominium is a profitable investment that can give you attractive returns. With the increasing demand for luxury condominium units, you need to consider your options carefully. 

Mandani Bay 

It is one of the hottest property investments in the Philippines that you must not miss. The property is stretched along the Mactan Channel. 

It is situated near the Cebu Business Park and the Asia Town IT Park. Plus, there are two major hospitals nearby. And of course, it’s just a few minutes away from the airport. 

Mandani Bay is one of Cebu’s best condominiums that creates a modern coastal hotspot and residential communities in Cebu. The rapid economic growth of real estate in the Philippines gives you an excellent opportunity to ensure that your money works for you. Condo ownership in Cebu on the pre-selling period can help you generate significant profit later on. 

When you buy a condo unit at Mandani Bay today, you’re getting a low price because it’s still in the pre-selling period. The price starts at PHP3M. When the entire property is built, it is easy to sell it at a high rate, thereby, you can earn a significant amount of profit. 

On the other hand, if you wish to have continuous cash flow, you can consider renting it out. One of the best things about condo investment at Mandani Bay is that it gives your money a higher value because it satisfies your basic human need. 

Keep in mind that we always seek shelter. And compared to investing in stocks or bonds, investing in a condominium has a lower risk. 

Your Mandani Bay’s investment appreciates over the course of its development. 

Who builds it? 

It’s from one of the leading Asian property developers. The partnership of Hong Kong Land and Taft Properties and top consultants in property development in Asia made this township possible. 

As the Philippine economy expands, the demand for luxury condominium units is also increasing. And it’ll continue to grow at a tremendous high. 

Why is Mandani Bay investment a wise real property investment in the Philippines? 
If you’re looking for the first property that you wish to invest in, then purchasing one condominium unit at Mandani Bay would give you an excellent and affordable option. 

When you buy a conventional house, you need to pay a high down payment. But the downpayment for the units at Mandani Bay is less expensive. It’s also less time-consuming. 

Furthermore, the township has exclusive luxury amenities that you can enjoy without having to pay a hefty fee. It’ll have swimming pools, fitness gym, sports gym, etc. The best thing is that you can use these amenities anytime and you don’t have to maintain them all by yourself. 

No need to live outside the Metro 

Mandani Bay is a perfect place for you to live if you wish to have a cozy spot without going far from your workplace. The time and money you can save is definitely a worthy investment. 

You’re in Good Hands With Mandani Bay 

The real estate market in the Philippines is crowded. Thus, it makes it difficult to choose the perfect developer. But considering the reputation and track history of HTLand Inc, you can be sure that you’re in good hands. 

As a joint venture of Hong Kong Land and Traft Properties, the developers will take good care of you and the property you are going to purchase. 

There are plenty of reasons you must consider owning a condominium at Mandani Bay. If you’re looking to invest in real estate Philippines in Cebu, then Mandani Bay is a smart move. Contact us today for a reservation or to know more about the property.