Losing a Friend

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We have more or less the same interests and so we became friends. We shared meaningful laughs, some secrets. We promised to help each other out and most of all, we made a pact.

We agreed to buy a ship to take us to our destination. But one day, you said goodbye but promised to come back and assured me that everything will be okay.

So while you were gone, I was sailing all alone but with your help from afar. But the storm came. It destroyed part of the ship. I contacted you for help but you did not answer until the ship completely sank.

Fortunately, I wore a life jacket. For days I've been there in the ocean waiting for someone to rescue me...waiting for you to rescue me.

Then suddenly, a rescue boat came, and onboard were my family and friends… my real friends. I was hoping you would be there too, but I've learned that you were so busy with your life… and had no time to be with me… to help me out.

Maybe you got exhausted of always helping me out. But that's what friends do. They take care of each other.

But I guess for you everything that we've shared was just nothing. I was wrong about calling you as my friend…true and trusted friend.

But don’t worry, I promise to forget you… to delete you from my memory because what we had was just an illusion and you're gone now.

It's just so sad to think that it's been a year now since the day we've met...and I'm not sure we ever were friends.

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